Equestrian Defeats New Mexico State, 11-7

LAS CRUCES, N.M. The Kansas State equestrian team rode to victory Saturday as it defeated New Mexico State, 11-7, in its first show of the spring semester. Saturday’s win leaves the Wildcats with a 1-0 record in the spring semester, and a 3-5 mark overall on the year. The Wildcats collected two MVP honors as Jana Lechtenberg received MVP in horsemanship and Alecia Zimbelman in reining. The MVP honors puts both Lechtenberg and Zimbelman at two each on the year.


Several riders picked up wins for the Wildcats, including Katie Mellon and Jenny Giraldin in the flat category. The flat team tied NMSU, 2-2, with one tie. The Wildcats struggled over fences, but managed to pick up some wins in Kendall Marvin and Leslie Yates. Marvin’s win puts her at a 4-4 mark on the season and 1-0 in the spring semester. However, the Aggies defeated the Wildcats in equitation over fences, 3-2


“Our flat riders were strong today,” said Ashley Foster, Hunter Seat head coach. “I was pleased with their performance. However, we are still really struggling over fences. We need to break our losing streak.  We have a lot of work to do to get where we need to be for our next competition. I am excited that our squads' combined effort resulted in a win."


K-State rode strong on the Western side and picked up both MVP awards in Western competition. The horsemanship team went undefeated as they defeated the Aggies, 4-0. Jana Lechtenberg led the horsemanship team as she defeated Rachael Krause, 74.5-66, and received MVP honors. Lechtenberg holds a 5-3 record for the season and has two MVP honors. Other Wildcats picking up wins were Alyssa Freeman, Mikaela Sundgren, and Sierra Fredrick. Fredrick is now 1-0 on the road for her career as a varsity rider.


The reining team also defeated New Mexico State, 3-2, as it helped K-State pick up the overall win. Alecia Zimbelman received MVP honors in reining and rode past Tonna Brooks, 71-70. With the win, Zimbelman has an outstanding 7-1 mark on the year and holds two MVP honors. Kaylee Stout and Tara Hallan picked up wins as well. Hallan won her debut show by defeating Ashley Dietz, 65-63, to go 1-0 on the season.


“All our western girls came out and rode their hearts out today,” said Casie Williamson, Western head coach. “It was so good to see them pull the rides together and minimize the mental errors. Sierra Fredrick was really confident in her first ever Varsity road competition. Jana Lechtenberg and Alecia Zimbelman were outstanding in their rides that earned them both MVP awards. This show was definitely a boost of confidence for everyone; but it will be back to business and extra practicing on Monday to prepare for OSU."


The Wildcats’ next show will be on the road as well as they head to Stillwater, Okla., to take on the Oklahoma State Cowgirls on February 7.


Following are complete results from Saturday’s show against New Mexico State.


Equitation on the flat:
Marisa Bernal (65) vs. Katie Mellon (75)
Krystal Dogany (72) vs. Dresden Sommer (72)
Amy Lang (68) vs. Jenny Giraldin (76)
Jen Friend (84)** vs. Stephanie Patterson (74)
Brianna Raab (74) vs. Leslie Yates (66)

Equitation over fences:
Sarah Suazo (68) vs. Kendall Marvin (78)
Meg Keeley (75) vs. Leslie Yates (76)
Amy Lang (80)** vs. Ashley Collett (72)
Marisa Bernal (71) vs. Jen Rawle (69)
Brianna Raab (64) vs. Bridget Doyle (57)

Hunter Seat Totals: NMSU 5 - KSU 4

Tonna Brooks (0) vs. Sierra Fredrick (68.5)
Kate Chesley (71) vs. Alyssa Freeman (73)
Jo Walker (72.5) vs. Mikaela Sundgren (72.5)
Rachael Krause (66) vs. Jana Lechtenberg (74.5)**

Kate Chesley (68) vs. Morgan Campbell (0)
Breanne Bertrand (67) vs. Kaylee Stout (68.5)
Ashley Dietz (63) vs. Tara Hallan (65)
Tonna Brooks (70) vs. Alecia Zimbelman (71)**
Rachael Krause (67.5) vs. Dani Pettera (62.5)
NMSU 2 - KSU 3

Western Totals: NMSU 2 - KSU 7

** MVP