Equestrian Drops First Show of the Spring, 17-5

STILLWATER, Okla. The Kansas State equestrian team dropped its first head-to-head varsity match of the season Saturday as Oklahoma State took home a 17-5 win to remain perfect on the season.


Kansas State has now brought its overall record to 4-3 on the season, while Oklahoma State moves to 7-0.


“This was a tough day for us but I am happy with how we rode,” Western head coach Casie Williamson said. “We just have a few things to work on and we believe we will still have a positive semester."


The Cowgirls took an early lead in Saturday’s show with a 4-2 win in Equitation over Fences, and held the lead with a 4-1-1 win in Horsemanship. They continued their success with a 4-1-1 in Equitation on the Flat and finished the match with a 5-1 win in reining.


Oklahoma State also swept all four of the MVP awards with Natalie Chappell taking home the MVP award in Fences, Margaux Tucker taking home the Horsemanship MVP, Sam Collingworth was awarded the Fences MVP and Rachell Shobe garnered the final MVP of the day in Reining.


"Today went pretty well I thought, but we obviously would have loved to come home with a win,” English head coach Ashley Foster said. “We had some great rides and we now know what we need to work on to move forward."


Some bright spots on the day for K-State were sophomore Dani Pettera and senior Whitney Snyder. Pettera picked up a win in Reining, 64.5-61.5, to improve to 5-2 on the season.


Snyder took home a win in Equitation on the Flat, 82-63, and brings her overall record to 11-3 on the season.


“Whiney Snyder had two fabulous rides today,” Foster said. “She is riding very consistently and is really helping to lead this team.”


The Wildcats will continue action on February 22 against Baylor and February 23 against Texas A&M for two road contests.


Kansas State 5, Oklahoma State, 17

February 2, 2007

Stillwater, Okla.


English Results


Equitation over Fences

Whitney Snyder (78) vs. Natalie Chappell (84)
Paige Sullivan (69) vs. Jaclyn Osterstock (82)
Leslie Yates (73) vs. Bailey Mahoney (75)
Kendall Marvin (76) vs. Shana Deresford (72)
Bridget Doyle (75) vs. Erin Prutow (71)

Ashley Collett (81) vs. Ally Blais (86)


KSU 2 - OSU 4

MVP- Natalie Chappell (OSU)


J.V. Equitation over Fences

Jennifer Rawle (64) vs. Alex White(77)

Liz Godfrey (40) vs. Misty Stutsman (60)


Equitation on the Flat

Jenny Giraldin (66) vs. Ally Blais (77)
Leslie Yates (70) vs. Charlotte Collingsworth (75)
Julie Wolfert (69) vs. Sam Collingsworth (86)
Whitney Snyder (82) vs. Sarah Summers (63)
Kendall Marvin (70) vs. Michelle Woolschlager (80)

Kattie Mellon (71) vs. Bailey Mahoney (71)

KSU 1 OSU 4 Tie 1

MVP- Sam Collingsworth (OSU)


J.V. Equitation on the Flat

Jessica Hensley (73) vs. Brittany Myers (80)

Paige Kovari (71 ) vs. Jen McLaughlin (77)


Varsity Horsemanship

Alyssa Freeman (72) vs. Margaux Tucker (73)
Lindsey Salsbury (72.5) vs. Suzanne Randolph (72)
Laura Browne (72.5) vs. Jordan Pickleman (72.5)
Courtney Watters (66.5) vs. Ashley Koch (67.5)
Jana Lechtenberg (69.5) vs. Sam Davidson (73.5)

Mikaela Sundgren (69.5) vs. Courtney Whitaker (72)


KSU 1 - OSU 4 Tie 1

MVP- Margaux Tucker (OSU)


J.V. Horsemanship

Josie Kness (69) vs. Lauren Olson (73)

Hayley Milch (68) vs. Kilee Stewart (68.5)

Sierra Frederick (67) vs. Leigha Stevenson (66.5)



Dani Pettera (64.5) vs. Jacque Roberts (61.5)
Alyssa Freeman (64) vs. Courtney Whitaker (68)
Morgan Campbell (68.5) vs. Bri Parnell (69)
Kaylee Stout (69.5) vs. Leah Kuehn (70.5)
Alecia Zimbelman (64) vs. Rachell Shobe (67.5)


MVP- Rachell Shobe (OSU)