Equestrian Downed by Bears, 10-6

WACO, Texas Despite a strong performance by Dani Pettera and the western squad, the Kansas State equestrian team was downed by the Baylor Bears on Saturday, 10-6. The western squad tied Baylor, 4-4, but then won the tiebreaker, 624.5-622, while the hunter seat squad lost to the Bears, 6-2, giving the overall win to Baylor, 10-6, with four ties.


The hunter seat team battled Saturday, but managed to pick up only a couple of wins. In equitation on the flat, Stephanie Patterson picked up her second win of the weekend after she defeated Cara Wilson, 84-81. Ashley Collett was the lone winner over fences after defeating MVP award winner Nicole Brown, 79-77.


"While the hunter seat riders only picked up two points and two ties, they still maintained a good level of consistency,” said Ashley Foster, hunter seat head coach. “Our flat riders were a little conservative but our over fences riders were very bold and consistent. I am pleased with our riders and am really looking forward to the rest of the season."


After a rough performance against Texas A&M on Saturday, the western squad had an outstanding day in the arena. Alyssa Freeman led the Wildcats in horsemanship by defeating Meghan Murphy, 71-66.5. With the win, Freeman advanced to a 9-2 mark in horsemanship for the year. Also helping the western team pick up the win was Jana Lechtenberg, who defeated Lindsey Tomko, 73-70. Lechtenberg is now 7-4 on the season.


Dani Pettera paced K-State in the reining category as she defeated Katie Buss by a tight margin, 68.5-67. She brought home her first MVP honor of the year with the win. Pettera picked up her first win since defeating Delaware State’s Morgan Scuse, 71.5-71, back on November 14, 2008. Also helping the K-State get a win was Morgan Campbell, who upset Valtie Riddle, 68.5-66.


"Today was a much better day for us on the western side,” said Casie Williamson, western head coach. “We thought through all of our rides and laid out much stronger patterns today. It wasn't an easy win; we had to ride strong through every single ride. I am especially proud of Dani Pettera for securing the win with her outstanding performance in reining."


The Wildcat exhibition team lost to Baylor, 5-4. Paige Kovari, Erin Paulsen, and Dresden Sommer picked up wins for K-State on the flat, while Bridget Doyle picked up a win over fences.


Complete results from Saturday’s competition are as follows.




Equitation on the flat:
Jenny Giraldin 75 vs Shelby White 82**

Whitney Snyder 68 vs Heather Healy 68

Stephanie Patterson 84 vs Cara Wilson 81

Leslie Yates 73 vs Mary Smitson 86

Katie Mellon 74 vs Margaret Beaudoin 75

Equitation over fences:
Ashley Collett 79 vs Nicole Brown 77**

Kendall Marvin 74 vs Kendra Vicary 74

Whitney Snyder 60 vs Kara Fergusson 73

Jen Rawle 50 vs Lisa Goldman 76

Leslie Yates 80 vs Heather Healy 81

Hunter Seat Totals: KSU 2 BU 6

Alyssa Freeman 71 vs Meghan Murphy 66.5

Mikaela Sundgren 72.5 vs Lindsay Douglas 72.5

Jana Lechtenberg 73 vs Lindsey Tomko 70

Courtney Watters 63 vs Nicole McCoy 70

Laura Browne 69.5 vs Allison Orosz 72**

Morgan Campbell 68.5 vs Valtie Riddle 66

Kaylee Stout 67.5 vs Maddy Mooney 68.5

Tara Hallan 66.5 vs Amber Mooney 68

Alecia Zimbelman 67.5 vs Kim Marlowe 67.5

Dani Pettera 68.5** vs Katie Buss 67

Western Totals: KSU 4 BU 4

              Tiebreaker: KSU 624.5 BU 622

** MVP




Equitation on the flat:

Hannah Schroller 65 vs Whitney McIlvain 78

Paige Kovari 71 vs Faith Morris 67

Erin Paulsen 69 vs Heather Levihn 63

Dresden Sommer 66 vs Kelly Albury 63


Equitation over fences:

Kayla Potter 74 vs Abby McCormick 76

Christine Fosnacht 74 vs Amanda Miller 76

Jennifer Wright 71 vs Katie Ross 84

Bridget Doyle 81 vs Kaylin Enright 77


Hunter Seat Totals: KSU 4 BU 4




Sierra Fredrick 68 vs Suzanna Nelson 69


Alyssa Freeman 69 vs Michelle Reynolds 69


Western Totals: KSU 0 BU 1