Baylor Rides Past Wildcats, 10-8

WACO, Texas Despite a strong performance by the Western squad, the Kansas State equestrian team dropped their first show of the weekend to Baylor, 10-8.

 Although K-State lost overall in the competition, the Western team outscored Baylor 5-3 and the Cats swept the Western MVP awards with freshman Alecia Zimbelman taking home her first MVP award in Reining and sophomore Courtney Watters also earning her first MVP honors in Horsemanship.


Junior Leslie Yates captured the MVP award in Equitation on the Flat and Baylor’s Nicole Brown won the final MVP award of the day in Equitation over Fences.

“The riders that won their matches today really stepped up and rode the best I have seen them all year,” Western head coach Casie Williamson said. “I am really proud of our squad and I hope we continue that tomorrow."

Baylor took an early lead in Saturday’s show with a 3-2 win in Equitation over Fences, and held the lead with a 4-1 win in Equitation on the Flat. Kansas State responded and kept the match close by winning the Reining category, 3-1, and tying in Horsemanship, 2-2.  

"We rode really well today but it just didn’t work out for us,” English head coach Ashley Foster said. “We just have to fix a few things on our rides and hope for the best tomorrow. Texas A&M has a really strong program and they will be great competition."

Sophomore Ashley Collett turned in a stellar ride in Equitation over Fences as she won her match, 74-72.


Junior Alyssa Freeman also provided Kansas State with a spark as she won her match 70-67, in Reining and junior Jana Lechtenberg also gave the Wildcats some help with her 71.5-71, win in Horsemanship.


The competition also included several exhibition matches. Two K-State riders took advantage of those rides as Kaylee Stout took home an MVP award for her ride in Reining, while sophomore Mikaela Sundgren earned the MVP award in Horsemanship.

“Texas A&M has a bigger group of veteran rides than we do, but our team is perfectly capable of pulling out a win tomorrow,” Williamson said.

The Wildcats will continue action tomorrow at 9 a.m., as they take on Texas A&M in a head-to-head varsity competition in College Station, Texas.


Results from the show will be available online at as they become available.

Kansas State 8, Baylor, 10
February 22, 2008
Waco, Texas

English Results

Equitation over Fences
Whitney Snyder (73) vs. Kendra Vicary (68)
Paige Sullivan (38) vs. Beth Bannister (80)
Leslie Yates (74) vs. Mary Smitson (78)
Kendall Marvin (70) vs. Nicole Brown (76)
Ashley Collett (74) vs. Heather Healy (72)

KSU 2 - BU 3
MVP- Nicole Brown (BU)

Exhibition Equitation over Fences
Jennifer Wright (70) vs. Shelby White (77)
Bridget Doyle (82) vs. Lauren Purkey (63)

Katie Mellon (83) vs. Amanda Miller (71)

Juliann Todd (64) vs. Chelsea Ehlers (0)

Equitation on the Flat
Jenny Giraldin (64) vs. Cara Wilson (68)
Leslie Yates (72) vs. Heather Healy (67)
Julie Wolfert (63) vs. Shelby White (67)
Whitney Snyder (64) vs. Mary Smitson (67)
Kendall Marvin (59) vs. Nicole Brown (60)

KSU 1 BU 4
MVP- Leslie Yates (KSU)

Exhibition Equitation on the Flat
Jessica Hensley (51) vs. Lauren Purkey (58)
Paige Kovari (65 ) vs. Beth Bannister (70)

Hannah Schroller (63) vs. Kendra Vicary (77)

Lindsay Cook (0) vs. Whitney McIlvan (69)

Varsity Horsemanship
Alyssa Freeman (73.5) vs. Lindsey Douglas (73.5)
Lindsey Salsbury (67) vs. Allyson Orosz (68)
Laura Browne (68.5) vs. Ashley Carlson (70.5)
Courtney Watters (74.5) vs. Maggie Griffin (72.5)
Jana Lechtenberg (71.5) vs. Nicole McCoy (71)

KSU 2 - BU 2 Tie 1
MVP- Courtney Watters (KSU)

Exhibition Horsemanship
Mikaela Sundgren (73.5) vs. Morgan Williams (72)
Nicole Keenan (69) vs. Madeline Mooney (69)

Dani Pettera (66.5) vs. Katie Buss (72.5)
Alyssa Freeman (70) vs. Kim Marlowe (67)
Morgan Campbell (72.5) vs. Madeline Mooney (71.5)
Tara Hallan (69) vs. Baltie Riddle (69)
Alecia Zimbelman (61.5) vs. Nicole McCoy (61)

KSU 3 BU 1 Tie: 1
MVP- Alecia Zimbelman (KSU)


Exhibition Reining


Kaylee Stout (73) vs. Ashley Smith (64.5)

Dana Johnson (70.5) vs. Michelle Reynolds (60)