Aggies Take Down Wildcats, 14-8

COLLEGE STATION, Texas The Kansas State equestrian team dropped another show on the road on Saturday as Texas A&M captured its second win over K-State this season, 14-8.

Texas A&M swept all four MVP awards including  Lindsay Smith in Equitation over Fences, Ashlie Soderstrom in Equitation on the Flat, Caroline Gunn in Horsemanship and Genna Fishgold took home the final award of the day in Reining.

“The Reining riders completely stepped up their game today,” Western head coach Casie Williamson said. “If we continue riding as focused as we have been all the way through Nationals, I believe we will finish the season very strongly."

Texas A&M came out with a hot start in the competition, as they began the show with a 4-1 win in Equitation over Fences, and held the lead with a 4-1 win in Equitation on the Flat. Kansas State answered the Aggies and tried keep the match from getting away as they won the Reining class, 4-2, and dropped the Horsemanship category, 4-2. 

"This weekend highlighted some things that we need to work on for the rest of the season,” English head coach Ashley Foster said. “Our trot jumps need a lot of work. We usually don’t have trot jumps in our competitions and we had them a lot this weekend and I believe that category is what cost us the win."

Junior Tara Hallan picked up her first varsity win as a Wildcat on Saturday as she won her competition in Reining, 73.5-71. Another Wildcat rider earned her first win of the season as junior Katie Mellon took home a win in Equitation on the Flat.


Senior Lindsey Salsbury also provided Kansas State with a stellar ride as she won her match 74-73.5, in Horsemanship and sophomore Laura Browne also gave the Wildcats some help with her 72-71, win in Horsemanship.


The Wildcats will continue action next weekend as they host two shows next Friday and Saturday. Oklahoma State comes into Manhattan Feb. 29 and K-State hosts an IHSA Western Show on Mar. 1.

Kansas State 8, Texas A&M, 14
February 23, 2008
College Station, Texas

English Results

Equitation over Fences
Whitney Snyder (72) vs. Brooke Coleman (75)
Paige Sullivan (70) vs. Kristi Waldal (79)
Kendall Marvin (82) vs. Lindsay Smith (86)
Ashle Collett (76) vs. Henny Armstrong (71)
Leslie Yates (73) vs. Erin Ivy (73)
Bridget Doyle (78) vs. Katie Henion (84)

KSU 1 - TAMU 4 Tie: 1
MVP- Lindsay Smith (TAMU)

Exhibition Equitation over Fences
Jennifer Rawle (78) vs. Julie Pipoly (75)
Kayla Potter (70) vs. Stephanie Harmon (40)

Equitation on the Flat
Julie Wolfert (78) vs. Ashlie Soderstrom (91)
Jenny Giraldin (72) vs. Viviana Cordero (81)
Leslie Yates (79) vs. Brittany Dodson (81)
Katie Mellon (70) vs. Christina Heine (68)
Kendall Marvin (72) vs. Christina Matz (77)
Whitney Snyder (81) vs. Lindsey Lawrence (81)

KSU 1 TAMU 4 Tie: 1
MVP- Ashlie Soderstrom (TAMU)

Exhibition Equitation on the Flat
Dresden Sommer (61) vs. Tegan Zealy (67)
Jessica Hensley (69) vs. Megan Von Tunglen (82)

Varsity Horsemanship
Alyssa Freeman (72) vs. Randi Standley (76)
Jana Lechtenberg (70) vs. Sibyl Parsons (77.5)
Laura Browne (72) vs. Amanda Cushman (71)
Mikaela Sundgren (71) vs. Caroline Gunn (74)
Courtney Watters (72.5) vs. Amanda Ryan (75.5)
Lindsey Salsbury (74) vs. Renee Dirske (73.5)

KSU 2 - TAMU 4
MVP- Caroline Gunn (TAMU)

Exhibition Horsemanship
Kyla Copple (72.5) vs. Christine Fowler (71.5)
Josie Kness (73) vs. Ashley Snoey (71.5)

Morgan Campbell (73) vs. Tonna Brooks (72.5)
Kaylee Stout (71) vs. Maddi Williams (69.5)
Dani Pettera (72) vs. Genna Fishgold (74)
Tara Hallan (73.5) vs. Randi Standley (71)
Alecia Zimbelman (71) vs. Maggie Gratny (73.5)
Alyssa Freeman (74.5) vs. Tara Christanson (72.5)

KSU 4 - TAMU 2
MVP- Genna Fishgold (TAMU)


Exhibition Reining

Dana Johnson (63) vs. Crissy Greebon (68.5)