Wildcats Defeat Baylor in First of Two Weekend Shows

WACO, Texas. The Kansas State equestrian team defeated Baylor for the first time this season, 11-8 in the first of two Varsity shows for the Wildcats this weekend.


K-State faced the Bears twice in the fall season falling both times, the first was an 8-7 loss at the Bulldog Invitational in Athens, Ga., on Sept. 24 and the second a 12-8 loss at Fox Creek Stables in Manhattan on Oct. 13.


The Wildcats took home wins in Reining, 3-2, and Fences, 4-1, while tying in Horsemanship, 2-2, and losing on the Flat’s, 3-2.


Two Wildcat riders won MVP honors, senior Sara Weller in Horsemanship and freshman Kendall Marvin in Fences.


“We really excelled over Fences today,” head coach Teresa Slough said. “After riding against Baylor three times now, we are very excited about the win. Now we just have to get serious and do it again tomorrow.”


The match also featured three Exhibition classes in Fences, Flat and Horsemanship. The Wildcats earned four total wins in the Exhibition.


K-State will travel to Texas A&M Sunday for a Varsity head-to-head competition to wrap up the weekend. The show will begin at 10:00 a.m., and results from the show will be available online at kstatesports.com as they become available.


Western Results




Laura Browne (KSU) 74 vs. Missy Gonzalez 70

Mickaela Sundgren (KSU) 72.5 vs. Allyson Orosz (BU) 73.5

Sara Weller (KSU) 75 vs. Amanda Graber (BU) 75

Lindsey Salsbury (KSU) 74 vs. Lindsey Tomko (BU) 73

Jana Lechtenberg (KSU) 72 vs. Ashley Brown (BU) 72.5



BU 2



Sara Weller MVP




Danielle Pettera (KSU) 70 vs. Valtie Riddle (BU) 0

Sara Weller (KSU) 0 vs. Amanda Graber (BU) 70.5

Morgan Campbell (KSU) 71.5 vs. Madeline Mooney (BU) 71

Dennon Zimbelman (KSU) 68.5 vs. Beth Bannister (BU) 65.5

Lindsey Salsbury (KSU) 67.5 vs. Lindsey Tomko (BU) 69



BU 2


Western Total: KSU 5 BU 4




English Results


Equitation on the Flat


Leslie Yates (KSU) 60 vs. Shelby White (BU) 73

Whitney Snyder (KSU) 72 vs. Kara Wilson (KSU) 67

Jenny Giraldin (KSU) 70.5 vs. Nicole Brown (BU) 78

Casey Finnell (KSU) 71 vs. Beth Bannister (BU) 67.5

Christine Fosnacht (KSU) 61.5 vs. Mary Smitson (BU) 74


BU 3




Equitation over Fences


Casey Finnell (KSU) 79.5 vs. Analisa Muti (BU) 73

Whitney Snyder (KSU) 82 vs. Beth Bannister (BU) 76

Leslie Yates (KSU) 80 vs. Shelby White (BU) 71

Kendall Marvin (KSU) 86 vs. Mary Smitson (BU) 77

Ashley Collett (KSU) 73 vs. Nicole Brown (BU) 75



BU 1


Kendall Marvin MVP


English Total: KSU 6 BU 4



Exhibition Results

Equitation over Fences


Macie Ayers (KSU) 0 vs. Kelsey Ehlers (BU) 79.5

Juliann Todd (KSU) 81 vs. Heather Healy (BU) 77

Gentry Horigan (KSU) 78 vs. Ashley Smitson (BU) 79


Equitation on the Flat


Dresden Sommer (KSU) 67 vs. Kelly Albury (BU) 56

Tiffany Bowles (KSU) 64 vs. Jill Anthony (BU) 67

Hannah Schroller (KSU) 63 vs. Kat Hartson (BU) 61




Alise Dykstra (KSU) 72 vs. Lindsey Douglas (BU) 69

Sarah Coomes (KSU) 68.5 vs. Nicole McCoy (BU) 69.5

Josie Kness (KSU) 67 vs. Kim Marlow (BU) 68