Equestrian Picks up First Win of Spring Season, 10-9

MANHATTAN, Kan. The Kansas State equestrian team got back in the win column Friday as it rode past Oklahoma State, 10-9, at Fox Creek Farm, snapping a four-show losing streak.


Behind an MVP performance by junior Alyssa Freeman, who took home the Horsemanship MVP award, K-State has now brought their overall record to 5-5, on the season.


"Freeman went out and rode phenomenal today in Horsemanship,” Western head coach Casie Williamson. “She has ridden a lot of horses and has a great feel for the game.”


Oklahoma State took home the other three MVP honors as Ally Blais won the MVP award in Equitation over Fences, Sarah Summers won the Equitation on the Flat award and in Reining Leah Kuehn garnered the MVP.


The Western competition ended in a 5-5 tie on Friday, and to break the tie the lowest score by each Western team was dropped. The overall raw scores were then adjusted and Oklahoma State came out on top with a 631.5-622.5 win.


The Wildcats continued their supremacy in the English portion of the show with a win in Equitation over Fences, 3-2, and a tie in Equitation on the Flat, 2-2.


"We had a little bit of luck on our side today,” English head coach Ashley Foster said. “Kendall Marvin had an outstanding day; she had two terrific wins."


Sophomore Kendall Marvin had two tremendous rides as she won her Equitation on the Flat match, 73-69, and her Equitation over Fences contest, 79-77. Junior Leslie Yates also took home two wins on the day in Fences and on the Flat to bring her overall record to 10-9-1.


“In Horsemanship, we nailed it today,” Williamson said. “We were aggressive and smart. Some of our Reining riders tried too hard and overanalyzed each ride instead of just riding confidently.”


Senior Lindsey Salsbury picked up her seventh win of the season in Horsemanship with a score of 7-0, and sophomore Laura Browne provided K-State with a spark as she won her match, 70.5-66.5, in Horsemanship.


“Unlike last week everything went our way today, it’s nice to end this losing streak,” Foster said.


The Wildcats next action takes place tomorrow Saturday Mar. 1 at Fox Creek Farm for an IHSA Western show beginning at 8 a.m.




Kansas State 10, Oklahoma State, 9

February, 29 2008

Fox Creek Farm

Manhattan, Kan.


English Results


Varsity Equitation over Fences

Paige Sullivan KSU (70) vs. Ally Blais OSU (84)
Kendall Marvin KSU (79) vs. Bailey Mahoney OSU (77)
Ashley Collett KSU (69) vs. Natalie Chapell OSU (65)
Leslie Yates KSU (73) vs. Hannah Beresford OSU (71)
Whitney Snyder KSU (79) vs. Jaclyn Osterstock (80)


MVP- Ally Blais (OSU)



J.V. Equitation over Fences

Bridget Doyle KSU (80) vs. Alice White OSU (78)

Liz Godfrey KSU (77) vs. Erin Purtow OSU (79)

Juliann Todd KSU (69) vs. Misty Stutsman (67)


Varsity Equitation on the Flat

Kendall Marvin KSU (73) vs. Michelle Collingsworth OSU (69)
Leslie Yates KSU (78) vs. Charlotte Woolschlager OSU (69)
Julie Wolfert KSU (71.5) vs. Bailey Mahoney OSU (80)
Jenny Giraldin KSU (74) vs. Sarah Summers OSU (82)
Whitney Snyder KSU (77.5) vs. Sam Collingsworth OSU (77.5)

KSU 2 - OSU 2

MVP- Sarah Summers (OSU)


J.V. Equitation on the Flat

Katie Mellon KSU (78.5) vs. Brittany Myers OSU (75.5)

Erin Paulsen KSU (62) vs. Jen McLaughlin OSU (57)

Hannah Schroller KSU (72) vs. Laura Conley OSU (85)



Western Results



Varsity Horsemanship

Jana Lechtenberg KSU (64) vs. Ashley Koch OSU (73)
Laura Browne KSU (70.5) vs. Jordan Pickleman OSU (66.5)
Lindsey Salsbury KSU (70) vs. Suzanne Randolph (69.5)
Alyssa Freeman KSU (78) vs. Courtney Whitacre (75.5)
Courtney Watters KSU (64.5) vs. Samantha Davidson (73.5)


KSU 3 - OSU 2

MVP- Alyssa Freeman (KSU)


J.V. Horsemanship

Alise Dykstra KSU (74) vs. Margaux Tucker OSU (70.5)

Mickaela Sundgren KSU (76) vs. Kilee Stewart OSU (67)

Dana Totten OSU (73.5) vs. Lauren Olson OSU (70)



Varsity Reining

Alyssa Freeman KSU (70) vs. Leah Kuehn OSU (72)
Morgan Campbell KSU (67.5) vs. Jacque Roberts OSU (71.5)
Alecia Zimbelman KSU (69.5) vs. Rachell Shobe OSU (67)
Kaylee Stout KSU (61.5) vs. Brianna Parnell OSU (63)
Tara Hallan KSU (68.5) vs. Molly Tipton OSU (67.5)


MVP- Leah Kuehn (OSU)


J.V. Reining

Dani Pettera KSU (68) vs. Courtney Whitacre OSU (69.5)