Wildcats Win Morning Show, Place Second in Afternoon Show

MANHATTAN, Kan. In a field of seven schools the Kansas State Equestrian team took home first-place in the morning show and second place in the afternoon show at the IHSA Western competition Saturday at Fox Creek Farm.


In the morning show the Wildcats posted a score of 27, defeating second place Black Hawk College, who scored 22 points. In the afternoon show Missouri State edged out K-State for first place as they scored 28 points, and K-State finished the show with 26.


Senior Dana Totten had an outstanding day as she placed first and second in Advanced Horsemanship. With those two rides Totten qualified for Regionals which takes place Mar. 16, at Black Hawk College.


K-State posted nine first place finishes on the day, including senior Emily Wolfe in Intermediate Horsemanship twice, junior Valerie Dysart in Intermediate Horsemanship, sophomore Kyla Copple in Open Horsemanship, sophomore Dana Johnson in Reining twice, senior Sarah Riggs in Intermediate Horsemanship, junior Alden Haugh in Advanced Horsemanship and Totten in Advanced Horsemanship.


“Everyone rode great today,” Western head coach Casie Williamson said. “We rode well on our horses and everyone looked like they had all the pieces to be successful. We made some mistakes but we adjusted and never made the same mistake twice out there and that is important.”


The Wildcats next action takes place Sunday Mar., 9 at Fox Creek Farm for head-to-head match against Georgia.



IHSA Western Shows

March 1, 2008

Fox Creek Farm

Manhattan, Kan.


Morning Show Results


Class 1 Advanced Horsemanship Section A: 1st- Dana Totten (KSU), 2nd- Nicole Allen (KSU), 3rd- Sarah Meontmann (BHC), 4th- Leanne Thompson (KSU), 5th- Elizabeth Kennedy (KSU)


Class 2 Novice Horsemanship: 1st- Natalie Soderberg (BHC), 2nd- Patrick Davis (BHC), 3rd- Sarah Jackson (KSU), 4th- Rachel Miles (BHC), 5th- Stephanie Geiger (BHC), 6th- Brooke Byers, Res. Amy Casali.


Class 3 Intermediate I Horsemanship: 1st: Emily Wolfe (KSU), 2nd- Ryan Butler (BHC), 3rd- Sam Dever (TSU), 4th- Kelsey McFarland (TSU) 5th- Kelsie Minton (MSU)


Class 4 Intermediate II Horsemanship Section A: 1st- Valerie Dysart (KSU), 2nd- Racheal Sonntag (BHC), 3rd- Catie Burke (TSU), 4th- Angie Baladuchi (BHC), 5th- Laura Minchk (ISU), 6th- Ashleigh Killian, Res. Krystin Schupp


Class 5 Advanced Horsemanship Section B: 1st- Cari Ingle (BHC), 2nd- Alden Haugh (KSU), 3rd- Hayley Milch (KSU), 4th- Danan Bradley (MSU), 5th- Shannon Smith (KSU), 6th- Nicole Keenan (KSU)


Class 6 Intermediate II Horsemanship Section B: 1st- Casey Settles (BHC), 2nd- Ashley Clarkson (NWMSU), 3rd- Sarah Riggs (KSU), 4th- Laura Czechowski (SIUC), 5th- Kate Miluski (TSU), 6th- Heather Loges (ISU), Res. Colette Marler (MSU)


Class 7 Open Horsemanship: 1st- Kyla Copple (KSU), 2nd- Alise Dykstra (KSU), 3rd- Mickayla Mages (KSU), 4th- Rachel Olson (BHC), 5th- Allison Rauh (ISU), 6th- Katie Bree (BHC), Lauren Wilson (TSU)


Class 8 Alumni Horsemanship: 1st- Codi Burris (MSU), 2nd- Robert Guy (MSU), 3rd- Jennifer Reed (MSU)


Class 9 Beginner Horsemanship: 1st- Candace Brown (MSU), 2nd- Brittany Bequeaith (BHC), 3rd- Adam Priest (TSU)


Class 10 Reining: 1st- Dana Johnson (KSU), 2nd- Kelsey Ragsdale (MSU), 3rd- Rachel Olson (BHC), 4th- Katie Bree (BHC), 5th- Lauren Wilson (TSU), 6th- Amanda Burdick (MSU)




Afternoon Show Results


Class 1 Reining: 1st- Dana Johnson (KSU), 2nd- Kesley Ragsdale (MSU), 3rd- Amanda Burdick (MSU), 4th- Katie Bree (BHC), 5th- Lauren Wilson (TSU)


Class 2 Beginner Horsemanship: 1st- Candace Brown (MSU), 2nd- Brittany Bequeaith (BHC), 3rd- Katie Fisher (MSU), 4th- Adam Priest (TSU)


Class 3 Alumni Horsemanship: 1st- Robert Guy (MSU), 2nd- Codi Burris (MSU), 3rd- Jennifer Reed (MSU)


Class 4 Open Horsemanship: 1st- Kelsey Ragsdale (MSU), 2nd- Kyla Copple (KSU), 3rd- Katie Bree (BHC), 4th- Alise Dykstra (KSU), 5th- Allison Rauh (ISU), 6th- Rachel Olson (BHC), Res.- Mickayla Mages (KSU)


Class 5 Intermediate II Horsemanship: 1st- Sarah Riggs (KSU), 2nd- Casey Settles (BHC) 3rd- Colette Marler (MSU), 4th- Racheal Sonntag (BHC), 5th- Ryan Butler (BHC), 6th- Krystin Schupp (TSU), Res.- Katie Butler (ISU)


Class 6 Advanced Horsemanship Section A: 1st- Natalie Soderberg (BHC), 2nd- Dana Totten (KSU), 3rd- Cari Ingle (BHC) 4th- Elizabeth Kennedy (KSU), 5th- Shannon Smith (KSU), 6th- Nicole Keenan (KSU)


Class 7 Intermediate II Horsemanship Section B: 1st- Ashleigh Killian (MSU), 2nd- Valerie Dysart (KSU), 3rd- Ashley Clarkson (NWMSU), 4th- Catie Burke (TSU), 5th- Angie Baladuchi (BHC), 6th- Alyssa Harris (TSU), Res.- Laura Czechowski (SIUC)


Class 8 Intermediate I Horsemanship: 1st- Emily Wolfe (KSU), 2nd- Sam Dever (TSU), 3rd- Kelsie Minton (MSU), 4th- Kelsey Macfarland (TSU)


Class 9 Novice Horsemanship: 1st- Patrick Davis (BHC), 2nd- Toree Bova (MSU), 3rd- Stephanie Geiger (BHC), 4th- Marlana Barkow (BHC), 5th- Sarah Jackson (KSU), 6th- Rachel Miles (BHC), Res.- Brandon Hall (TSU)


Class 10 Advanced Horsemanship Section B: 1st- Alden Haugh (KSU), 2nd- Sarah Moentmann (BHC), 3rd- Nicole Allen (KSU), 4th- Leanne Thompson (KSU), 5th- Brooke Byers (BHC), 6th- Hayley Milch (KSU), Res.- Danan Bradley (MSU)