Wildcats Ride Past Jackrabbits, 14-6

MANHATTAN, Kan. Four Wildcat riders earned MVP honors on Sunday as the Kansas State equestrian team rode to victory over the South Dakota State Jackrabbits, 14-6, at Fox Creek Farm. Both the Hunter Seat and Western squads defeated SDSU by a score of 7-3.


Senior Whitney Snyder won MVP honors in Equitation on the Flat, junior Bridget Doyle in Equitation over Fences, junior Courtney Watters in Horsemanship, and junior Kaylee Stout in Reining.


"We were stronger today at home than we have been all year," said Ashley Foster, Hunter Seat head coach. " Many riders put in fabulous rides. The confidence level today was very high and will put us in a good position to compete against Auburn next week. Our seniors were outstanding today and Doyle really helped to set the pace over fences."


Snyder led the Wildcats in both Hunter Seat events as she defeated Victoria Pecak in both Equitation over Fences and Equitation on the Flat, advancing her overall record to 16-5-1 on the season with four MVP honors. She defeated Pecak, 86-73, over fences and picked up a 91-79 win on the flat en route to MVP honors. Snyder is now 7-3-1 over fences and 9-2 on the flat this season.


Other riders picking up wins over fences included Doyle, who up-ended Meredith Sauer, 86-80, and brought home the MVP award, and senior Leslie Yates, who knocked off Leslie Sauter, 83-74.


The seniors rode strong for the Wildcats Sunday on the flat. Paige Kovari picked up her first win in varsity competition on the year by defeating Melissa Zajac, 84-71, and Dresden Sommer upset Meredith Sauer, 85-0. Jenny Giraldin picked up her first win since February 7, 2009, by defeating Leslie Sauter, 81-63.


"We performed very strong all day today and the girls really put everything they had out in their rides," said Casie Williamson, Western head coach. "A few scores were disappointing, but those girls felt good about how they performed. I have to hand it to Kaylee Stout for wrapping up the day on an outstanding note. She had an amazing ride and really pulled everything together that we have been working on in practice. She was well-deserving of the MVP award."


In horsemanship, Watters led the Wildcats by riding to victory over Abby Knobbe, 71.5-70, and brought home MVP honors. Junior Laura Browne defeated Kaylee Mundwiler by a large margin, 73.5-57.5, and junior Mikaela Sundgren up-ended Meghan Gunn, 70.5-61.5.


Stout paced K-State in reining by defeating Lydia Placzek by a close margin, 77.5-76, while bringing home MVP honors for the Cats. Along with Stout, senior Tara Hallan and juniors Morgan Campbell and Dani Pettera helped the Wildcats to victory as they picked up wins as well.


Five Wildcat riders picked up wins in exhibition competition. Senior Hannah Schroller and junior Liz Godfrey rode to victory over fences along with senior Erin Paulsen and sophomore Natasha Vincent on the flat. Sophomore Sierra Fredrick was the lone winner in exhibition Western competition as she brought home a win in horsemanship.


In addition to K-State's home show against the Jackrabbits of SDSU, five K-State riders traveled to Springfield, Mo., to try for a spot in IHSA regional competition. Freshmen Jennifer Keefe finished first in her competition, and sophomore Nicole Allen finish third. Junior Nicole Keenan picked up a third place finish in Advanced Horsemanship, and senior Alden Haugh placed fourth in Advanced Horsemanship. Although none of these riders will advance on in IHSA competition, they all put in strong rides throughout the weekend.

Senior Valerie Dysart placed second in Intermediate II Horsemanship on Sunday at the IHSA Western Regional's in St. Louis, Mo. With the finish, Dysart qualified for IHSA Semi-Final competition.


"The girls rode really well in the show on Saturday and we are all really happy with their performances," said Williamson. "I am glad they had such strong performances away from home. Valerie getting qualified today accomplishes a huge goal we had set for her this year and I couldn't be more proud of her.”


Complete results from Sunday's competition against SDSU are as follows.




Equitation on the flat:
Jenny Giraldin 81 vs Leslie Sauter 63

Whitney Snyder 91** vs Victoria Pecak 79

Paige Kovari 84 vs Melissa Zajac 71

Leslie Yates 80 vs Allison Carie 85

Dresden Sommer 85 vs Meredith Sauer 0

Equitation over fences:
Bridget Doyle 86** vs Meredith Sauer 80

Jenni Wright 78 vs Marian Michalson 82

Whitney Snyder 86 vs Victoria Pecak 73

Jen Rawle 70 vs Ashley Marrin 75

Leslie Yates 83 vs Leslie Sauter 74

Hunter Seat Totals: KSU 7 SDSU 3

Alyssa Freeman 73 vs Ashlie Centa 73.5

Mikaela Sundgren 70.5 vs Meghan Gunn 61.5

Jana Lechtenberg 71 vs Lydia Placzek 72

Courtney Watters 71.5** vs Abby Knobbe 70

Laura Browne 73.5 vs Kaylee Mundwiler 57.5


Morgan Campbell 70.5 vs Abby Knobbe 62.5

Kaylee Stout 77.5** vs Lydia Placzek 76

Tara Hallan 74.5 vs Jordanne Blair 66.5

Alecia Zimbelman 0 vs Helen Lauth 72

Dani Pettera 74.5 vs Angie Gebhart 72.5

Western Totals: KSU 7 SDSU 3


** MVP



Equitation on the flat:

Natasha Vincent 84 vs Lindsay Harr 74

Erin Paulsen 83 vs Kristen Carlson 70

Celia Gaches 0 vs Laura Hoff 71


Equitation over fences:

Christine Fosnacht 72 vs Melissa Zajac 81

Liz Godfrey 83 vs Laura Hoff 76

Soffia Farrall da Cruz 74 vs Megan Schiferl 74

Hannah Schroller 84 vs Sara Stirton 78

Hunter Seat Totals: KSU 4 SDSU 2



Sierra Fredrick 69.5 vs Hillary Siebels 64.5

Josie Kness 69 vs Jordanne Blair 71

Erica Mackiewicz 65 vs Britta Barta 73.5

Hayley Milch 66 vs Angie Gebhart 69.5


Western Totals: KSU 1 SDSU 3