Equestrian Drops Contest to Georgia, 11-5

MANHATTAN, Kan. The Kansas State equestrian team failed to win its second varsity competition in a row as they lost to Georgia Sunday, 11-5, at Fox Creek Farm.


Kansas State has now brought its overall record to 5-6 on the season. Freshman Julie Wolfert provided K-State with a spark as she took home the only MVP award for K-State in Equitation on the Flat with her score of 75.


“We weren’t at our best today but Julie Wolfert was terrific,” English head coach Ashley Foster said. “Georgia was great competition for us but our girls rode really well considering. We just need to keep riding and prepare for our next show against Fresno State."


The Bulldogs took an early lead in Sunday’s show with a 4-1 win in Equitation over Fences and a 3-1 win in Equitation on the Flat. Kansas State fought back with a tie in Horsemanship, 2-2, and a close match in Reining that resulted in a 2-1 Georgia win.


"All of the parts were there today; we just have to put it all together in one weekend,” Western head coach Casie Williamson said. “We have room to improve and that’s what we need to do to get back in the win column."


Senior Whitney Snyder took home the other win on the English side for the Wildcats with her, 71-52, win in Equitation over Fences. Snyder still leads all English riders with 13 varsity wins.


For the second week in a row junior Tara Hallan provided the Reining team with a win as she defeated Georgia’s Hannah Dyer, 69.5-66.5. Hallan is now undefeated on the season with a 3-0-1 record.


In the Horsemanship competition junior Alyssa Freeman picked up win number 13 on the season as she won her match, 69-67.5. Lindsey Salsbury also took home a win in Horsemanship and is now 8-2 on the season.


"All of the scores were very close today,” Williamson said. “We just have to step up our riding one more level before the national competition and then I believe we will be ready to compete at a high level.”


The Wildcats next action takes place Friday Mar., 14 at Fox Creek Farm for head-to-head varsity match against Fresno State beginning at 10 a.m.


Kansas State 5, Georgia, 11

March 9, 2008

Manhattan, Kan.

Fox Creek Farm


English Results


Varsity Equitation over Fences

Whitney Snyder (71) vs. Kelly Bonau (52)
Paige Sullivan (65) vs. Kelley Copperthwait (74)
Leslie Yates (80) vs. Kitt Ritter (81)
Kendall Marvin (86) vs. Haylie Jayne (88)
Ashley Collett (55) vs. Alex Lieppe (84)


KSU 1 - UGA 4

MVP- Haylie Jayne (UGA)


J.V. Varsity Equitation over Fences

Soffia Farral da Cruz (73) vs. Kacy Jenkins (70)

Katie Mellon (75) vs. Daisy Whelan (77)

Jenn Rawle (78) vs. Mary Fulp (66)


Varsity Equitation on the Flat

Jenny Giraldin (49.5) vs. Michelle Blair (69.5)
Leslie Yates (66) vs. Haylie Jane (69)
Julie Wolfert (75) vs. Daisy Whelan (71.5)
Whitney Snyder (73.5) vs. Kelly Bonau (74.5)
Kendall Marvin (72) vs. Kitt Ritter (72)

KSU 1 - UGA 3

MVP- Julie Wolfert (UGA)


J.V. Equitation on the Flat

Jessica Hensley (76.5) vs. Melinda Drury (72)

Lindsay Cook (59.5) vs. Amy Klebesadel (56.5)

Dresden Sommer (59) vs. Kate Johnson (57.5)


Varsity Horsemanship

Alyssa Freeman (69) vs. Kelley Mundrick (67.5)
Lindsey Salsbury (71.5) vs. Lauren Love (69)
Laura Browne (70) vs. Alicia Shrum (72.5)
Courtney Watters (64.5) vs. Katelyn Van Allen (67.5)
Mikaela Sundgren (72.5) vs. Laura Upton (72.5)


KSU 2 - UGA 2

MVP- Laura Upton (UGA)


J.V. Horsemanship

Sierra Fredrick (69) vs. Dana Wilson (67.5)

Alice Dykstra (65.5) vs. Kristy Akins (67.5)


Varsity Reining

Morgan Campbell (68.5) vs. Nichole Grant (68.5)
Alyssa Freeman (71) vs. Kate Stewart (71)
Tara Hallan (69.5) vs. Hannah Dyer (66.5)
Kaylee Stout (67) vs. Diandra St. Hillaire (69.5)
Alecia Zimbelman (67) vs. Sarah Locker (69.5)


MVP- Kimberly Tidwell (AU)


J.V. Reining

Dani Pettera (64) vs. Dana Wilson (60.5)