Equestrian Wins Fifth Straight Show

MANHATTAN, Kan. With another MVP performance from junior Whitney Snyder, the Kansas State equestrian team knocked off one of the best equestrian programs in the nation after it beat Georgia Sunday at Fox Creek Stables. It was only Georgia’s second loss of the season.


To declare the winner Sunday, all of the raw scores from the show were added and the lowest score per team for each discipline (Western and English) were dropped.


“It was an awesome day,” English coach Ashley Duda said. “We have been riding very consistently. We had our best day of the year on the flat for sure. Now we are looking forward to facing Fresno next weekend.


Following a 4-1 loss in Reining and a 2-2 tie in Horsemanship, the Wildcats took home wins in Equitation over Fences, 3-2, and Equitation on the flat, 3-1, to wrap up the win.


Back on Sept. 23, in the Bulldog Invitational the Wildcats dropped the overall show to Georgia, 9-7, including 5-3 in the English Category. In Sunday’s English show K-State tallied a 7-3 win.


Junior Whitney Snyder took home the Equitation on the Flat MVP award, an award that she has now received seven times this year.


Georgia won the other three MVP awards, including Sarah Dunsmore in Varsity Horsemanship, Sarah Locker in Reining and Logan Fiorentino in Equitation over Fences.


Junior Lindsey Salsbury picked up her ninth win of the season, as she won both of her head-to-head matches in Horsemanship and Reining.


The Wildcats welcomed back the services of freshman Kendall Marvin this weekend as she came back from competing at the Indio Desert Circuit Horse Show in Indio, Calif. Marvin helped the English squad with a tie in Equitation on the Flat.


Senior Casey Finnell also took home two wins Sunday, in Equitation on the Flat and Equitation over Fences.


“Georgia and Texas A&M are two very tough teams,” head coach Teresa Slough said. “To get two wins against those caliber teams is terrific for our team.”


The head-to-head match also featured J.V. classes in Horsemanship, Equitation on the Flat and Equitation over Fences. The Wildcats tied Georgia in Equitation over Fences and Equitation on the Flat, but fell in Horsemanship.



Kansas State will host Fresno State on Sunday, March 18, in a head-to-head varsity competition at Fox Creek Stables.



Western Results


Varsity Horsemanship


Laura Browne (KSU) 71 vs. Sarah Dunsmore (UGA) 73

Lindsey Salsbury (KSU) 72 vs. Erica Lang (UGA) 69.5

Mikaela Sundgren (KSU) 72.5 vs. Catherine Pennington (UGA) 71

Jana Lechtenberg (KSU) 70.5 vs. Kelley Mundrick (UGA) 73.5

Sara Weller (KSU) 69 vs. Lauren Love (UGA) 69





MVP: Sarah Dunsmore (UGA)




Sara Weller (KSU) 66 vs. Sarah Locker (UGA) 74

Dennon Zimbelman (KSU) 68.5 vs. Megan Darby (UGA) 70.5

Morgan Campbell (KSU) 57 vs. Kate Stewart (UGA) 69.5

Lindsey Salsbury (KSU) 69.5 vs. Anna Hichborn (UGA) 67.5

Becky Abramovitz (KSU) 64  vs. Erica Lang (UGA) 67.5




MVP: Sarah Locker (UGA)


Western Total: KSU 3 UGA 6



English Results


Varsity Equitation on the Flat


Whitney Snyder (KSU) 81 vs. Ashley Chandler (UGA) 72

Casey Finnell (KSU) 80 vs. Kelly Bonau (UGA) 68

Jenny Giraldin (KSU) 77 vs. Cordy Allsopp (UGA) 76

Kendall Marvin (KSU) 77 vs. Michelle Blair (UGA) 77

Leslie Yates (KSU) 71 vs. Logan Fiorentino (UGA) 75




MVP: Whitney Snyder (KSU)



Varsity Equitation over Fences


Whitney Snyder (KSU) 80 vs. Ashley Chandler (UGA) 78

Casey Finnell (KSU) 86 vs. Cordy Allsopp (UGA) 79  

Kendall Marvin (KSU) 78.5  vs. Kelley Cowpwethwait (UGA) 82

Ashley Collett (KSU) 81 vs. Logan Fiorentino (UGA) 88

Leslie Yates (KSU) 87 vs. Kelly Bonau (UGA) 74




MVP: Logan Fiorentino (UGA)


English Total: KSU 6 UGA 3




J.V. Results

Equitation on the Flat

Christine Fosnacht (KSU) 69 vs. Mary Marshal Fulp (UGA) 58

Tiffany Bowles (KSU) 57 vs. Daisy Whelan (UGA) 67

Dresden Sommer (KSU) 72  vs. Marion Crosby (UGA) 59

Rhiannon Truax (KSU) 68  vs. Meghan Adams (UGA) 72





J.V. Horsemanship

Michelle Schneider (KSU) 71.5 vs. Anna Hichborn (UGA) 71.5

Sarah Coomes (KSU) 70 vs. Kristy Akins (UGA) 71.5

Kara Taddiken (KSU) 70 vs. Alicia Shrum (UGA) 72

Courtney Watters (KSU) 72 vs. Andrea Turnbull (UGA) 72




Tie: 2


J.V. Equitation over Fences

Paige Sullivan (KSU) 79 vs. Lauren Kulwicki (UGA) 77

Megan Westberg (KSU) 40 vs. Mary Marshal Fulp (UGA) 0

Gentry Horigan (KSU) 65  vs. Meghan Adams (UGA) 69

Macie Ayers (KSU) 75 vs. Marian Cosby (UGA) 81.5