K-State Equestrian Team Defeats Fresno State, 11-7

MANHATTAN, Kan. Behind MVP performances from Lindsey Salsbury and Sara Weller, the Kansas State equestrian team continued their home winning streak with an 11-7 victory over Fresno State Sunday at Fox Creek Stables.


K-State has now won three straight Varsity head-to-head home competitions with victories over Texas A&M, Georgia and Fresno State.


Kansas State took an early lead in the Western portion of the show Saturday with a 7-3 win over the Bulldogs. The Wildcats cruised to the win with victories in both Horsemanship, 4-1, and Reining, 3-2.


Fresno State battled back for a 2-1 win in Equitation Over Fences, but Kansas State was able to sew up the overall win by earning a 3-2 win in Equitation on the Flat that featured a number of strong performances.


Senior Casey Finnell capped the win on the final ride of the day in Equitation on the Flat, defeating Fresno State freshman Lisa Wells, 75-58.5.

Junior Lindsey Salsbury captured MVP honors in Horsemanship with a stellar ride that earned her a score of 76 points. K-State made it a clean sweep on the Western side as senior Sara Weller scored 75 to take home the MVP award in Reining.


Sunday’s MVP awards went to Kansas State junior Kirsten Sohns in Equitation on the Flat with a score of 81 and Fresno State senior Morgan McDonald in Equitation Over Fences who scored a 79.


Several talented freshmen riders also picked up wins over the weekend for K-State, including Mikaela Sundgren in Horsemanship, Morgan Campbell in Reining and Ashley Collett who earned a tie in Equitation over Fences.


The head-to-head match also featured J.V. classes in Horsemanship, Equitation on the Flat and Equitation over Fences. The Wildcats tied Fresno State in Equitation on the Flat, 2-2, and Horsemanship, 1-1, before pulling out a win in Equitation over Fences, 3-1.


In other competition this weekend, seven Wildcat riders competed in Western IHSA Regionals in Springfield, Mo.

Riders that place in the top two spots in their respective classes at Regionals will qualify for Sectionals, which will take place next Saturday, March 24, in Murfreesboro, TN.


Four riders qualified for Sectionals including, Emily Wolfe in Beginner Horsemanship, Sarah Coomes in Intermediate Horsemanship, Erin Paulsen in Intermediate Horsemanship and Leanne Thompson in Novice.


Three other K-State riders  Katie Steinle in Intermediate Horsemanship, Alden Haugh in Novice and Michelle Schneider in Novice also performed well, but came up just short of qualifying for Sectionals.


“Our riders had a great show today,” western coach Casie Lisabeth said. “They have a couple things to strengthen this week in practice, but we are ready to go to Sectionals.”                                         


Kansas State 11, Fresno State 7

March 17-18, 2007

Fox Creek Stables

Manhattan, Kan.


Western Results


Varsity Horsemanship

Laura Browne (KSU) 75 def. Sierra Daniels (FSU) 72.5

Rebecca Flood (FSU) 73 def. Sara Weller (KSU) 72

Mikaela Sundgren (KSU) 73.5 def. Daniel Nielsen (FSU) 71.5

Lindsey Salsbury (KSU) 76 def. Sara Barnes (FSU) 72.5

Jana Lechtenberg (KSU) 74 def. Heidi Smith (FSU) 71




MVP: Lindsey Salsbury (KSU)



Sara Weller (KSU) 75 def. Keri Blackledge (FSU) 74

Morgan Campbell (KSU) 73 def. Rose Hennig (FSU) 69

Lindsey Salsbury (KSU) 74.5 def. Heidi Smith (FSU) 74

Kayla Schenck (FSU) 69.5 def. Dennon Zimbelman (KSU) 61.5

Sara Barnes (FSU) 71.5 def. Dani Pettra (KSU) 70.5





MVP: Sara Weller (KSU)


Western Total: KSU 7 KSU 3



English Results


Varsity Equitation on the Flat

Kirsten Sohns (FSU) 81 def. Whitney Snyder (KSU) 75.5

Casey Finnell (KSU) 75 def. Lisa Wells (FSU) 58.5

Leslie Yates (KSU) 64.5 def. Lindsey Blair (FSU) 62

Jenny Giraldin (KSU) 72.5 def. Noelle Dukes (FSU) 66

Kelsey Bullock (FSU) 61 def. Bridget Doyle (KSU) 57




MVP: Kirsten Sohns (FSU)


Varsity Equitation over Fences

Cambria Kissell (FSU) 77 def. Whitney Snyder (KSU) 75

Casey Finnell (KSU) 75 tied Lisa Wells (FSU) 75

Morgan McDonald (FSU) 79 def. Leslie Yates (KSU) 76.5

Ashley Collett (KSU) 76 tied Jennifer Jory (FSU) 76

Gentry Horigan (KSU) 72 def. Katie Nenneker (FSU) 71




Tie: 2

MVP: Morgan McDonald (FSU)


English Total: KSU 4 FSU 4


J.V. Results

Equitation on the Flat

Kasey McFarlane (FSU) 60 def. Hannah Schroller (KSU) 43.5

Lindsay Cook (KSU) 62.5 def. Katey Sellers (FSU) 59.5

Morgan McDonald (FSU) 68.5 def. Megan Westberg (KSU) 49

Nicole Harkness (KSU) 73 def. Jennifer Jory (FSU) 72





J.V. Horsemanship

Courtney Watters (KSU) 73 def. Kayla Schenck (FSU) 71

Marybeth Brown (FSU) 74 def. MicKayla Mages (KSU) 72.5





J.V. Equitation over Fences

Paige Sullivan (KSU) 77 def. Katie Sellers (FSU) 64

Lindsey Blair (FSU) 78 def. Bridget Doyle (KSU) 76

Christine Fosnacht (KSU) 69 def. Noelle Dukes (FSU) 68

Tiffany Bowles (KSU) 76 def. Kirsten Sohns (FSU) 71





IHSA Regional Results

Beginner Horsemanship: 1st- Emily Wolfe

Intermediate Horsemanship: 1st- Sarah Coomes, 2nd- Erin Paulsen, 4th- Katie Steinle

Novice: 2nd- Leanne Thompson, 3rd- Alden Haugh, 4th- Michelle Schneider