Cowgirls Take Down Wildcats in Day One of Central Championships, 8-7

MANHATTAN, Kan. Behind a phenomenal performance by senior Bailey Mahoney, No. 2 seeded Oklahoma State defeated the No. 3 seeded Kansas State Wildcats, 8-7, to advance to the championship match against Baylor this Sunday in the Central Championships at Fox Creek Farm.


Mahoney took home both the Equitation over Fences and Equitation on the Flat MVP’s for the day, as she won here Fences match, 84-75, against Kendall Marvin and her Flat showdown, 72-64, over Leslie Yates.


K-State took home the remaining two MVP awards on the day, as junior Alyssa Freeman rode to victory in Horsemanship and sophomore Morgan Campbell had a stellar ride in Reining.


“Alyssa Freeman had another terrific show today,” Western head coach Casie Williamson said. “She is amazing in the Horsemanship ring and Morgan Campbell rode wonderfully in Reining like she has all season long.”


After trailing at one point, 7-4, K-State came back and tied the competition by winning the Horsemanship and Reining classes, 3-1. But that wasn’t enough as Leah Kuehn of Oklahoma State defeated K-State’s Tara Hallan, 68.5-67.5, to wrap up the win. The defeat was Hallan’s first loss of the season and first of her K-State career.


On the English side Oklahoma State came right out of the gates and won the Fences competition, 3-1, and shutout the Wildcats in Equitation on the Flat, 3-0.


“I’m extremely proud of how we rode on the western side,” Williamson said. “We had very minimal mistakes and that’s all I can ask of our riders. If we keep riding the way we did today we will be very successful.”


Senior Lindsey Salsbury picked up her ninth win of the season in Horsemanship with a score of 73-72, and sophomore Laura Browne provided K-State with a spark as she won her match, 74-73, in Horsemanship.


In Reining, freshman Alecia Zimbelman picked up her sixth varsity win as she narrowly won her match, 70.5-69.


"Today we just ran into some bad luck,” English head coach Ashley Foster said. “We made our first eight jumps and just couldn’t finish on the ninth. That is a problem we have been facing the last few competitions and we need to become more consistent in that area."


Senior Whitney Snyder took home the only win on the day for the English team as she posted a 78-73 victory, Snyder now has 15 varsity wins on the season.


In Equitation on the Flat, freshman Julie Wolfert picked up her second varsity win in a row as she won her match, 77-76. Junior Jenny Giraldin also turned in a victorious ride as she posted a 70-68 win.


Today’s competition also featured special guest riders Bill and Sharon Snyder as they began the day’s activities saddling up and taking a ride in the arena during the opening ceremonies.


In Bracket B competition, the No. 4 seeded Baylor Bears upset No. 1 seeded Texas A&M, 10-6.

Baylor took an early lead in the competition as they won the Fences category, 4-0, then Texas A&M responded by tying Baylor, 2-2, in Equitation on the Flat, Reining and Horsemanship.


Baylor will look to take home the Central Championship title as they take on Oklahoma State Sunday beginning at 9 a.m. at Fox Creek Farm. Texas A&M and Kansas State will battle it out for third place also beginning at 9 a.m.


Results from the show will be available online at as they become available.



Central Championships Day One Results:


Bracket A


Kansas State 7, Oklahoma State, 8

March 29, 2008

Fox Creek Farm

Manhattan, Kan.


English Results


Varsity Equitation over Fences
Kendall Marvin KSU (75) vs. Bailey Mahoney OSU (84)
Ashley Collett KSU (75) vs. Ally Blais OSU (81)
Leslie Yates KSU (0) vs. Jaclyn Osterstock OSU (40)
Whitney Snyder KSU (78) vs. Natalie Chappell OSU (73)


MVP- Bailey Mahoney (OSU)


Varsity Equitation on the Flat

Leslie Yates KSU (64) vs. Bailey Mahoney OSU (72)
Julie Wolfert KSU (69) vs. Ally Blais OSU (70)
Jenny Giraldin KSU (62) vs. Michelle Woolschlager OSU (62)
Whitney Snyder KSU (63) vs. Sam Collingsworth OSU (64)

KSU 0 - OSU 3

MVP- Bailey Mahoney (OSU)


Western Results


Varsity Horsemanship

Jana Lechtenberg KSU (74) vs. Ashley Koch OSU (74.5)
Laura Browne KSU (74) vs. Jordan Pickleman OSU (73)
Lindsey Salsbury KSU (73) vs. Courtney Whitacre OSU (72)
Alyssa Freeman KSU (77) vs. Sam Davidson OSU (75)

KSU 3 - OSU 1

MVP- Alyssa Freeman (KSU)


Varsity Reining
Morgan Campbell KSU (70.5) vs. Jacque Roberts OSU (65)
Alecia Zimbelman KSU (70.5) vs. Molly Tipton OSU (69)
Alyssa Freeman KSU (72.5) vs. Rachell Shobe OSU (71.5)
Tara Hallan KSU (67.5) vs. Leah Kuehn OSU (68.5)


MVP- Morgan Campbell (KSU)




Bracket B


Baylor 10, Texas A&M, 6

March 29, 2008

Fox Creek Farm

Manhattan, Kan.


English Results


Varsity Equitation over Fences

Nicole Brown BU (77) vs. Katie Henion TAMU (0)

Kendra Vicary BU (80) vs. Erin Ivy TAMU (68)

Mary Smitson BU (76) vs. Lindsay Smith TAMU (75)

Beth Bannister BU (68) vs. Kristi Waldal TAMU (DQ)




Varsity Equitation on the Flat

Nicole Brown BU (65) vs. Lindsey Lawrence TAMU (68)

Cara Wilson BU (59) vs. Christina Heine TAMU (64)

Heather Healy BU (69) vs. Brittney Dodson TAMU (66)

Shelby White BU (68) vs. Ashlie Soderstrom TAMU (67)




Varsity Horsemanship

Allison Orosz BU (72) vs. Caroline Gunn TAMU (77)

Nicole McCoy BU (73.5) vs. Sibyl Parsons TAMU (69.5)

Ashleigh Carlson BU (67) vs. Randi Standley TAMU (69.5)

Lindsey Douglas BU (72.5) vs. Christine Sceets (67.5)




Varsity Reining

Madelyn Mooney BU (59) vs. Maggie Gratny TAMU (56)

Katrina Buss BU (68) vs. Tonna Brooks TAMU (71)

Lindsey Tomko BU (66) vs. Genna Fishgold TAMU (68)

Valtie Riddle BU (70) vs. Maddie Williams TAMU (67)