Georgia Equestrian Tops K-State

ATHENS, Ga. After being defeated by South Carolina on Friday, the Kansas State equestrian team fought back in hopes of scoring its first victory of the 2008-09 season. However, the team scored another tough loss to Georgia, 14-6, Saturday at the Animal Science Instructional Arena in Athens which leaves it 0-2 overall for the fall season. Both the Western squad and the English squad were defeated 7-3, while in exhibition rides, K-State lost by a final score of 4-2.

Leading the Wildcats in English competition was Ashley Collett, who defeated Kitt Ritter, 79-76, in Equitation over Fences, earning K-State’s lone MVP honor. Also getting a victory in the Equitation over Fences category was Leslie Yates, who beat Alex Lieppe, 81-73.

“We turned in consistent rides again today,” said Ashley Foster, Hunter Seat head coach. “While I’m not thrilled with the end result, I am still happy with our riding. We have things to work on before we see Texas A&M. However, it is very refreshing to turn in two days of solid riding to begin the year. Ashley Collett was awarded an MVP for her over fences round. Both she and Leslie Yates were outstanding over fences today. I was proud of all of our riders. We are really looking forward to competing against A & M at home on October 3.”

In Equitation on the Flat, the lone winner for K-State was freshman Stephanie Patterson, who defeated Lauren Kulwicki, 59-57.

On the Western side, Laura Browne led the Wildcats by turning in a win over Kelley Mundrick, 72-70.5, in Horsemanship. Alyssa Freeman tallied another win for K-State by defeating Alicia Shrum, 74-71.

“We made some mistakes today and learned a lot about what we need to go home and work on, said Casie Williamson, Western head coach. “I'm proud of the girls for keeping their chins up and riding through their mistakes; we need that every time we enter the arena. We have some things to go home and work on, and we will be working extremely hard to prepare for Texas A&M in 2 weeks. It will be great to ride at home on our own turf."

In the Reining category, Alecia Zimbelman was the only winner for the Cats, tallying a close 71-70.5 victory over Kelly Truesdell.

K-State’s exhibition squad performed as well, tallying two total wins. Sierra Fredrick defeated Allie Hush, 70.5-69.5, in Horsemanship and Dana Johnson beat out Shannon Larsen by a large margin, 61.5-0, in Reining.

Kansas State’s next opponent is Texas A&M which will take place at Fox Creek Farms in Manhattan on Friday, October 3rd.

Results from Saturday’s competition, UGA vs. KSU:

Equitation over Fences:
Haylie Jayne 80 vs Kendall Marvin 72
Kitt Ritter 76 vs Ashley Collett 79
Alex Lieppe 73 vs Leslie Yates 81
Kelley Cowperthwait 74 vs Whitney Snyder 69
Amelia Rogers 70 vs Paige Sullivan 40

MVP: Ashley Collett
UGA 3 vs KSU 2

Equitation on the Flat:
Daisy Whelan 72 vs Leslie Yates 60
Mary Fulp 76 vs Jenny Giraldin 58
Amy Klebesadel 78 vs Katie Mellon 77
Haylie Jayne 81 vs Whitney Snyder 68
Lauren Kulwicki 57 vs Stephanie Patterson 59

MVP: Haylie Jayne
UGA 4 vs KSU 1

Total Varsity Hunt Seat: UGA 7 vs KSU 3

Lauren Love 75 vs Mikaela Sundgren 74
Kelley Mundrick 70.5 vs Laura Browne 72
Laura Upton 71 vs Jana Lechtenberg 66.5
Alicia Shrum 71 vs Alyssa Freeman 74
Katelyn van Allen 71.5 vs Courtney Watters 69

MVP: Lauren Love
UGA 3 vs KSU 2

Nichole Grant 71 vs Dani Pettera 69.5
Diandre St Hilaire 73 vs Kaylee Stout 68
Kelly Truesdell 70.5 vs Alecia Zimbelman 71
Kate Stewart 70.5 vs Alyssa Freeman 69.5
Hannah Dyer 69 vs. Morgan Campbell 68.5

MVP: Diandre St Hilaire
UGA 4 vs KSU 1

Total Varsity Western: UGA 7 vs KSU 3

Total Varsity: UGA 14 vs KSU 6

Exhibition Results:

Equitation over Fences:
Mary Fulp 83 vs Bridget Doyle 67
Erin Dwyer 77 vs Ellesse Tzinberg 63

Equitation on the Flat:
Krissan Blanchard 61 vs Dresden Sommer 58
Katie Brown 67 vs Paige Kovari 66

Allie Hush 69.5 vs Sierra Fredrick 70.5
Lauren Moore 69 vs Caley Coffey 69

Shannon Larsen 0 vs Dana Johnson 61.5

Total Exhibition: UGA 4 vs KSU 2