Equestrian Team Suffers Tough Loss to USC

Blythewood, S.C. The Kansas State equestrian team suffered its first loss of the fall season to an outstanding South Carolina team on Friday at One Wood Farm in Blythewood, S.C. The team lost with an overall score of 13-4; however, the Western team lost to the Gamecocks 4-3 while the English team lost 9-1.


Jana Lechtenberg led the Wildcats in Western competition by defeating Hailey Thornton, 71.5-69, and Alyssa Freeman defeated Amy Biffle, 73-72.5. Both won their head-to-head competitions in the Horsemanship category.


“I think the girls rode pretty well today and made small mistakes that we can take away from this competition and learn from,” said Casie Williamson, Western head coach. “Our nerves were really high as we went into our first competition and we just needed to get out there to test the water and find our rhythm again.”


Whitney Snyder was the lone winner in English competition for K-State, beating out Victoria Middleton, 77-76, in Equitation over Fences.


“We came in hoping to finish much closer to South Carolina so the end score was disappointing for us,” said Ashley Foster, Hunter Seat head coach. “However, some good things happened today. The hunter seat riders rode better and more consistently today than they did at most competitions last year. In addition, we had strong first rides from our freshman. I feel that we are starting at a good point, despite the final score.


Both coaches, however, have high hopes for the rest of the season, and especially for tomorrow.


“We have our spirits up for tomorrow and we will go out and ride strong. We want to avoid making the same mistakes twice and really grow as a team with each ride,” said Williamson.


The Wildcats face off against Georgia tomorrow in head-to-head competition at the Animal Science Instructional Arena in Athens. Competition is set to begin at 2 p.m.


Results from Friday’s competition, USC vs. KSU:

Amy Biffle 72.5 vs. Alyssa Freeman 73
Emily Bookwalter 71.5 vs. Courtney Watters 71.5
Hailey Thornton 69 vs. Jana Lechtenberg 71.5
Maggie Fortune 73.5 vs. Laura Browne 71
Katie Grossnickle 73 vs. Mikaela Sundgren 73

MVP: Maggie Fortune

Exhibition Horsemanship:
Taylor Singmaster 70 vs. Caley Coffey 70

Rebekah Roof 68.5 vs. Alyssa Freeman 68
Amy Biffle 72.5 vs. Dani Pettera 72
Lydia Roof 74 vs. Kaylee Stout 73.5
Chloe Gray 71.5 vs. Alecia Zimbelman 64.5
Hailey Thornton 73.5 vs. Morgan Campbell 73.5

MVP: Hailey Thornton

Exhibition Reining:
Annie McDonald 67.5 vs. Dana Johnson 68

Western total: USC 4-KSU 3

Equitation on the Flat:
Victoria Middleton 89 vs. Leslie Yates 85
Megan Massaro 92 vs. Whitney Snyder 68
Rachel Koggan 92 vs. Jenny Giraldin 82
Alex Haskell 81 vs. Katie Mellon 80
Sarah Stephens 87 vs. Stephanie Patterson 80

MVP: Megan Massaro

Exhibition Equitation on the Flat:
Nicole Bourgeois 86 vs. Ellesse Tzinberg 77

Equitation over Fences:
Victoria Middleton 76 vs. Whitney Snyder 77
Paige Dekko 86 vs. Kendall Marvin 72
Nicole Bourgeois 88 vs. Paige Sullivan 78
Megan Massaro 87 vs. Leslie Yates 83
Eleanor Kunsman 85 vs. Ashley Collett 80

MVP: Megan Massaro 


Exhibition Equitation over Fences:
Courtney Reese 82 vs. Katie Mellon 75

Hunt Seat Total: USC 9-KSU 1

Overall total: USC 13-KSU 4