Donate a Horse to K-State Equestrian

Most of the K-State Equestrian team horses have been very generously donated by supporters throughout the country. In the western discipline, horses need training in horsemanship or reining. The English horses are used for jumping and also ridden on the flat. Most of the western herd are Quarter Horses or Paint Horses, while the majority of the English herd is Thoroughbreds or Warmbloods. Donated horses need to be broke, safe, and quiet. The equestrian team does not start and break colts, some young horses may be accepted into the program if they have a solid foundation. Horses that are accepted must be sound and able to be ridden on a daily basis with little maintenance. Those with extensive maintenance needs are generally not a good fit.

Horse donations to the equestrian team can be used for tax credit. For horses valued over $5,000, the donor is responsible for obtaining an appraisal on the horse. There are restrictions placed on horses valued over $5,000, which the coaching staff will discuss with you further before any horse is accepted to the program.

Before horses are accepted, it is ideal if the team can practice on the horses for a short "try out" period to make sure the horse will fit into the program. Once accepted, the horse is ridden during team practices and used for home shows. On competition days, the horse may be shown by riders from K-State, as well as riders from opposing teams. The horses are subject to the affection and attention of the 60+ riders on the KSU roster, as well as others who get to interact with the horse. The horse may make public appearances at football games and other events in the Manhattan area.

Once the horse has completed its career on the equestrian team, every effort is made to find the horse a nice new owner. If a first right of refusal is preferred by the donor, that can be worked out with the coaching staff. Many horses go into homes where they are used for light trail riding or for young riders to learn and show at the 4-H level.

If you are interested in donating a horse to the equestrian team, please contact Casey Finnell at 785-532-4462.