Equestrian Loses Heartbreaker to Aggies

MANHATTAN, Kan. Four Wildcat riders earned MVP honors on Friday, but the Kansas State equestrian team lost their fall home opener to Texas A&M, 10-9, at Fox Creek Farm.


Senior Alyssa Freeman won the MVP honors in Reining, junior Courtney Watters in Horsemanship, senior Leslie Yates in Equitation over Fences, and senior Whitney Snyder in Equitation on the Flat.


The Western squad tied the Aggie’s squad, 5-5, but then lost the tiebreaker, 643-640, and on the other side, the Wildcat’s English team was defeated 5-4 by the Texas A&M squad.


Although the scores may not show it, both Wildcat squads had solid performances against Texas A&M. In Horsemanship on the Western side, junior Laura Browne defeated Randi Standley, 72.5-71. Freeman had an outstanding day, defeating Caroline Gunn, 75-72.5 in Horsemanship. She defeated Maggie Gratny in a close run, 73-72.5, in the Reining category as well. Also in Reining, sophomore Alecia Zimbelman put in a good ride and defeated Genna Fishgold, 71.5-71,and junior Dani Pettera picked up her first win of the season as she rode past Randi Standley, 68.5-65.5.


“After our two shows on the road, we came home and really focused on our weaknesses,” said senior and MVP award winner Alyssa Freeman. “Today we went out and executed against a really tough team. Now that we have the momentum going in the right direction, we can step it up and have the season that we are all expecting to have.”


Senior Hayley Milch was Kansas State’s lone winner in Western Exhibition, defeating Bianca Lamb, 71-0, in the Horsemanship category.


On the English side in Equitation over Fences, the Wildcat’s rode home with three winners. Junior Kendall Marvin defeated Kristi Waldal, 77-75, Snyder defeated Brooke Coleman by a large margin, 80-65, and Yates defeated Lindsay Smith, 85-76.

Snyder was the only winner for the Wildcats in the Flat division, defeating Megan Webb, 89-81.

“We stepped into today’s show with a lot more confidence than the previous two shows,” said senior and MVP award winner Snyder. “We had more solid rides today then we did before."

Jenn Rawle rode in her first show of the season, and picked up her first win by defeating Elizabeth Solch, 75-70. She was the only winner in Exhibition Equitation over Fences for the Wildcats. However, Paige Kovari defeated Stephanie Harmon, 78-72, and Ellesse Tzinberg defeated Ali Mueller 77-0, in Equitation on the Flat.


Both coaches thought their riders performed well, and hope to come out and pick up their first win of the season at their next show at home against Baylor. The show is on October 17 at Fox Creek Farm, and is set to begin at 10 a.m.



Following are results from Friday’s competition, KSU vs. Texas A&M:


Equitation on the Flat:

Leslie Yates 80 vs Brittney Dodson 84

Whitney Snyder 89 vs Megan Webb 81

Katie Mellon 73 vs Christina Heine 74

Jenny Giraldin 81 vs Christina Matz 88

Stephanie Patterson 76 vs Tegan Zealy 76


            Total: KSU 1-Texas A&M 3

            MVP: Whitney Snyder, KSU


Equitation over Fences:

Ashley Collett 81 vs Julie Pipoly 84

Kendall Marvin 77 vs Kristi Waldal 75

Whitney Snyder 80 vs Brooke Coleman 65

Paige Sullivan 78 vs Erin Ivy 84

Leslie Yates 85 vs Lindsay Smith 76


            Total: KSU 3-Texas A&M 2

            MVP: Leslie Yates, KSU


Hunter Seat Total: KSU 4-Texas A&M 5



Laura Browne 72.5 vs Randi Standley 71

Jana Lechtenberg 67.5 vs Amanda Cushman 71.5

Mikaela Sundgren 70.5 vs Renee Dirske 72

Alyssa Freeman 75 vs Caroline Gunn 72.5

Courtney Watters 73 vs Sibyl Parsons 73.5


Total: KSU 2-Texas A&M 3

            MVP: Courtney Watters, KSU




Kaylee Stout 67.5 vs Amanda Ryan 68.5

Alecia Zimbelman 71.5 vs Genna Fishgold 71

Dani Pettera 68.5 vs Randi Standley 65.5

Alyssa Freeman 73 vs Maggie Gratny 72.5

Morgan Campbell 68.5 vs Tara Christianson 71


            Total: KSU 3-Texas A&M 2

            MVP: Alyssa Freeman, KSU


Western Total: KSU 5-Texas A&M 5

                        Tiebreaker KSU 640-Texas A&M 643


Overall Total: KSU 9-Texas A&M 10


Exhibition Results:


Equitation on the Flat:

Paige Kovari 78 vs Stephanie Harmon 72

Ellesse Tzinberg 77 vs Ali Mueller 0

Jessica Hensley 66 vs Amber Goodwin 89


Equitation over Fences:

Bridget Doyle 72 vs Ali Mueller 79

Jenn Rawle 75 vs Elizabeth Solch 70

Kayla Potter 40 vs Maggie Earle 69



Caley Coffey 70.5 vs Dana Hall 72

Hayley Milch 71 vs Bianca Lamb 0

Josie Kness 72.5 vs Sierra Fredrick 71.5


Total Exhibition: KSU 4-Texas A&M