Wildcats Take Down Baylor, 14-6

MANHATTAN, Kan. The Kansas State equestrian team won its second head-to-head varsity match in a row as it defeated Baylor, 14-6, Friday at Fox Creek Farm.


Behind another strong performance by sophomore Kaylee Stout who took home the Reining MVP award, K-State has now brought their overall record to 2-0.


“Kaylee rode really smart today and really focused to put all the parts together,” Western head coach Casie Williamson said. “Her hard work and consistent practices have proved she deserved the MVP.”


The Wildcats took another early lead in this week’s English competition with a 7-3 win. K-State coasted to the win with victories in both Equitation over Fences, 4-1, and Equitation on the Flat, 3-2.


The Wildcats continued their dominance in the Western portion of the show with a win in Horsemanship, 4-1, and Reining, 3-2.


“The team walked into the barn today on a mission,” English head coach Ashley Duda said. “Each person put forth a huge effort to make the show a success.  We had a lot of riders showing for the first time today.  Everyone from our new riders to our veterans, walked into the ring determined. The determination and effort made it possible for us to pull out a win today.”


Junior Alyssa Freeman earned the other MVP award for the Wildcats with her, 75.5-74, win in Horsemanship. Baylor took home the other MVP awards as Nicole Brown won both the Equitation on the Flat and Equitation over Fences MVP.


Sophomore Ashley Collett picked up a win in Equitation over Fences, 82-79, to stay undefeated at 2-0 on the season. Senior Whitney Snyder also kept her perfect record in Fences with a, 77-56, win Friday.


Sophomore Courtney Watters picked up her first win of the season in Horsemanship with a score of 72.5, and Sophomore Laura Brown provided K-State with a spark as she won her match, 73.5-73, in Horsemanship.


“I am extremely proud of how the western girls pulled together today. There was unbelievable effort and drive behind almost every ride. It was so good to see the girls step up their competitive drive,” Williamson said.


Friday’s competition also featured six J.V. and Ancillary classes. The Wildcats defeated Baylor, 2-1, in J.V. Equitation over Fences and lost to Baylor, 4-1 in Ancillary Equitation over Fences. In J.V. Equitation on the flat, Baylor captured the win with a score of, 2-1. Baylor also garnered the win in Ancillary Fences, 4-1.


In Western, K-State swept the match in J.V. Reining with a, 2-0 victory. In Ancillary Horsemanship, Baylor defeated K-State, 3-1, but lost in J.V. Horsemanship by a score of 3-0.


The Wildcats next action takes place Saturday Oct., 20 at Fox Creek Farm for an IHSA Hunt Seat Show.



Kansas State 14, Baylor, 6

October 12, 2007

Fox Creek Farm

Manhattan, Kan.


English Results


Equitation over Fences


Ashley Collett 82 vs. Beth Bannister 79

Paige Sullivan 55 vs. Nicole Brown 83

Leslie Yates 78 vs. Kendra Vicary 74

Whitney Snyder 77 vs. Mary Smitson 56

Kendall Marvin 77 vs. Shelby White 70


KSU 4 - BU 1

MVP- Nicole Brown (BU)


J.V. Equitation over Fences


Bridget Doyle 84 vs. Analisa Muti 75

Paige Kovari 56 vs. Heather Healy 68

Christine Fosnacht 80 vs. Lauren Purkey 67


KSU 2 - BU 1


Ancillary Equitation over Fences


Elizabeth Godfrey 70 vs. Katie Ross 80

Kayla Potter 83 vs. Carol Kurth 76

Hannah Schroller 68 vs. Katie Ryan 71

Juliann Todd 73 vs. Whitney McIlvan 75

Dresden Sommer 70 vs. Amanda Miller 74


KSU 1- BU 4


Equitation on the Flat


Leslie Yates 75 vs. Shelby White 66

Jenny Giraldin 77 vs. Beth Bannister 0

Kendall Marvin 79 vs. Nicole Brown 84

Whitney Snyder 76 vs. Cara Wilson 61

Julie Wolfert 74 vs. Mary Smitson 75


KSU 3 - BU 2

MVP- Nicole Brown (BU)


J.V. Equitation on the Flat


Katie Mellon 75 vs. Kendra Vicary 76

Lindsay Cook 55 vs. Lauren Purkey 66

Jessica Hensley 75 vs. Jill Anthony 63


KSU 1 - BU 2


Varsity Horsemanship


Courtney Watters 72.5 vs. Missy Gonzalez 65

Alyssa Freeman 75.5 vs. Lindsey Tomko 74

Jana Lecthenberg 65 vs. Lindsey Douglas 71.5

Laura Browne 73.5 vs. Nicole McCoy 73

Lindsey Salsbury 72 vs. Allison Orosz 71


KSU 4 - BU 1

MVP- Alyssa Freeman (KSU)


J.V. Horsemanship


Sarah Jackson 70.5 vs. Anna Bowers 69

Mikaela Sundgren 74 vs. Morgan Williams 69.5

Josie Kness 73 vs. Brittani Purnell 71


KSU 3 - BU 0


Ancillary Horsemanship


Leanne Thomspon 72 vs. Casey Hill 71

Alden Haugh 70.5 vs. Morgan Williams 71

Nicole Keenan 70.5 vs. Nicole McCoy 72.5

Kyla Copple 69 vs. Lindsey Douglas 72

Emily Wolfe 68.5 vs. Anna Bowers 70


KSU 1 BU 3




Kaylee Stout 71.5 vs. Morgan Williams 71

Alecia Zimbelman 72 vs. Valtie Riddle 60.5

Alyssa Freeman 0 vs. Nicole McCoy 69.5

Morgan Campbell 72.5 vs. Madelyn Mooney 72

Dani Pettera 68 vs. Katie Buss 68.5


KSU 3 BU 2

MVP- Kaylee Stout (KSU)


J.V. Reining


Dana Johnson 68 vs. Kim Marlowe 65.5

Caley Coffey 59.5 vs. Michelle Reynolds 0


 KSU 2 BU 0