K-State Equestrian Edged in Tie Breaker by Oklahoma State

STILLWATER, Okla. Despite ending competition in a 13-13 tie, the Kansas State Equestrian team dropped a Varsity Equestrian match-up with Oklahoma State Sunday after a tie breaker determining the winner gave the Cowgirls a slight 1720 to 1698.5 win.


The English and Western Varsity match-up ended in a 13-13 tie, but the tie was broken by adding up all the raw scores and dropping each team's lowest score from each class. The Cowgirls ended up ahead of K-State by 21.5 points.


The Cats began the day in Equitation over Fences with a 4-3 win and Whitney Snyder earned MVP  honors by defeating Allyson Blais 80-69.


K-State then competed in Western Horsemanship winning 4-3, where freshman Mikaela Sundgren took home the MVP award.


K-State next competed in Equitation On the Flat where Oklahoma State won 5-2 convincingly. In the final match-up K-State defeated the Cowgirls 3-2 in Reining to tie the contest.


“I think we improved a lot today in comparison with our show on Friday,” head coach Teresa Slough said. “We were much happier with the results today. I really believe we are making progress in the right direction.”


There was also an Ancillary competition where girls form each JV squad competed. In the Ancillary Equitation match-up Oklahoma State shut-out K-State 3-0. Then in Ancillary Horsemanship Oklahoma State won the contest 2-1.


The Wildcats next competition will be Saturday November 4th as they host an IHSA Hunt Seat Show at Fox Creek Stables.




Equitation Over Fences:

Casey Finnell (KSU) 81 def. Bailey Mahoney (OSU) 80

Natalie Chappelle (OSU) 82 def. Gentry Horigan (KSU) 79

Paige Hortman (OSU) 80 def. Leslie Yates (KSU) 78

Kendall Marvin (KSU) 77 def. Devin Smithburg (OSU) 75

Jaclyn Osterstock (OSU) 76 def. Ashley Collett )KSU) 73

Whitney Snyder (KSU) 80 def. Allsion Blais (OSU) 69

Christine Fosnacht (KSU) 77 def. Misty Stutsman (OSU) 70


Total: KSU 4    

           OSU 3


MVP: Whitney Snyder (KSU)




Equitation On the Flat:

Michelle Woolschlager (OSU) 78 def. Leslie Yates (KSU) 68

Allyson Blais (OSU) 73 def. Kendall Marvin (KSU) 65

Cory Johnson (OSU) 66 def. Ashley Collett (KSU) 57

Whitney Snyder (KSU) 71 def. Becky Mahoney (OSU) 66

 Casey Finnell (KSU) 64 def. Charlotte Collingsworth (OSU) 0

Paige Hortman (OSU) 66 def. Jenny Giraldin (KSU) 61

Samantha Collingsworth (OSU) 65 def. Bridget Doyle (KSU) 59


Total: OSU 5

           KSU 2






Western Horsemanship:

Mikaela Sundgren (KSU) 73.5 def. Bailey Nicholson (OSU) 71

Sara Weller (KSU) 71.5 def. Samantha Davidson (OSU) 68.5

Ashley Koch (OSU) 74 def. Kyla Copple (KSU) 69.5

Brandi Thomas (OSU) 72.5 def. Jana Lechtenberg 69

Megan Brown (OSU) 73 def. Sarah Coomes (KSU) 70.5

Josie Kness (KSU) 72 def. Leah Stevenson (OSU) 71.5

Lindsey Salsbury (KSU) 70.5 def. Kylie Stewart (OSU) 69.5



Total: KSU 4

           OSU 3


MVP: Mikaela Sundgren (KSU)




Reining: Rachel Currat (OSU) 70.5 def. Becky Abramovitz (KSU) 69.5

              Rachel Shobe (OSU) 70 def. Morgan Campbell (KSU) 66.5

              Dana Johnson (KSU) tied Jackie Roberts (OSU) 72

              Lindsey Salsbury (KSU) tied Katie Bohr (OSU) 64

              Dennon Zimbelman (KSU) 68 def. Molly Morrison (OSU) 65.5

              Sara Weller (KSU) 68 def. Ashley Koch (OSU) 67.5

              Danielle Pettra (KSU) 67 def. Molly Tipton (OSU) 66



Total:  KSU 3

            OSU 2

            Tie 2


MVP: Sara Weller (KSU)



Ancillary Equitation: Catie Maquet (OSU) 78 def. Dresden Sommer (KSU) 77

                                  Megan McVay (OSU) 80 def. Tiffany Bowles (KSU) 74

                                  Angela Strube (OSU) 79 def. Jennifer LeJune (KSU) 77



Total: OSU 3

          KSU 0



Ancillary Horsemanship:

Kelsey Flessner (OSU) def. Claire Leet (KSU) 70.5

Michelle Schneider (KSU) 70.5 def. Amanda Yancey (OSU) 68.5

Susan Randolph (OSU) 71 def. Kara Taddiken (KSU) 70.5


Total: OSU 2

           KSU 1



Varsity: OSU 13

             KSU  13



      KSU 1