Equestrian Hosts Baylor on Friday

MANHATTAN, Kan. The Kansas State equestrian team will host the Baylor Bears in a home show at Fox Creek Farm on Friday starting at 10 a.m. The Wildcats are coming off a close loss, 10-9, to Texas A&M just two weeks ago, and after solid rides and some great wins against the Aggies, the team is still looking to pick up its first win of the season.


K-State is led by senior Alyssa Freeman in Western competition and senior Whitney Snyder in Hunter Seat competition. After the Texas A&M show, Freeman has an overall record of 4-2, and took home one MVP award in the reining category. Snyder has an overall record of 3-3, and received MVP honors in the flat category.


Also coming off big wins in Western competition against Texas A&M are junior Laura Browne in Horsemanship, and sophomore Alecia Zimbelman and junior Dani Pettera in Reining. In Hunter Seat competition, junior Kendall Marvin and senior Leslie Yates picked up big wins in Equitation over Fences.


“Baylor has been very strong so far this year,” said Ashley Foster, Hunter Seat head coach. “We need to be consistent but bold in our rides in order to pull out a win. We are looking to ride more forwardly in both the fences and flat portion of the competition. In addition, this competition will provide a good opportunity for some of our new riders to compete for the first time. The whole team is looking forward to this Friday and wants to pull out a win.”


Although K-State will be displaying many strong varsity riders against Baylor, they will also show several exhibition riders as well. Senior Caley Coffey will the lead the Wildcats on the Western side, and freshman Ellesse Tzinberg will lead the Wildcats in Hunter Seat competition. Coffey holds an 0-1-2 record in exhibition Horsemanship, and Tzinberg holds a 1-1 record in exhibition Equitation on the Flat and an 0-1 record in exhibition Equitation over Fences.


Both coaches are excited for this weekend’s home show and hope to pick up their first win of the fall season.


“I am anxious to get the girls back in the show pen at home,” said Casie Williamson, head Western coach. “All the riders need to perform with minimal error, especially being in our home arena, to pull out a win. We rode hard against Texas A&M and got our confidence up, and all week we have been working on the mistakes we made. Everyone is riding really strong in practice so I am hopeful we will see that carry into the show pen. We are also offering a lot of exhibition rides in the Horsemanship category, so it will be great to get some different riders in the pen and see where they are at this point in the season.”


Baylor comes into Manhattan with a 2-0 record to start their season. They took home a first place finish in the Willis Equestrian Invitational at their home arena in Waco. They finished with an overall regular season record of 7-10 for the 2007-08 season.


Results from Friday’s show will be posted as they become available.



A complete line-up of K-State riders in Friday’s competition against Baylor is as follows:


Equitation over Fences:
Ashley Collett, Junior
Kendall Marvin, Junior
Leslie Yates, Senior
Paige Sullivan, Junior
Whitney Snyder, Senior

Exhibition Equitation over Fences:
Jen Rawle, Sophomore
Kate Hennessy, Freshman
Katie Mellon, Senior
Elizabeth Godfrey, Junior

Equitation on the Flat:
Jenny Giraldin, Senior
Katie Mellon, Senior
Leslie Yates, Senior
Stephanie Patterson, Freshman
Whitney Snyder, Senior

Exhibition Equitation on the Flat
Dresden Sommer, Senior
Ellesse Tzinberg, Freshman
Erin Paulsen, Senior
Jessica Hensley, Junior

Alecia Zimbelman, Sophomore
Morgan Campbell, Junior
Alyssa Freeman, Senior
Dani Pettera, Junior
Kaylee Stout, Junior


Alyssa Freeman, Senior
Laura Browne, Junior
Courtney Watters, Junior
Jana Lechtenberg, Senior
Mikaela Sundgren, Junior

Exhibition Horsemanship:
Caley Coffey, Senior
Erica Mackiewicz, Sophomore
Josie Kness, Junior
Nicole Keenan, Junior