Outside the Arena with Mikaela Sundgren


Name: Mikaela Sundgren


Year in School: Junior


Year on the Team: 3rd


Discipline: Western


Hometown: El Dorado, KS


Major: Animal Science, Pre-Vet


Riding Background (before college): I competed in American Quarter Horse Association horse shows and received multiple AQHYA World Show Top Ten and Finalist placings.


Why I chose K-State: I chose K-State because almost everybody in my family has graduated from here.


My favorite part about being a member of the KSUET: Meeting new people and being able to continue showing horses throughout college.


Favorite Manhattan restaurant: 4-Olives


If I could have any superpower it would be: I would want to be able to fly.


Favorite TV show: “CSI”


Favorite Holiday: Christmas


Plans after graduation: To attend graduate school.