Equestrian Rides to Victory, 15-4

MARTIN, Tenn. The Kansas State equestrian team won its fourth head-to-head varsity match of the season Friday as they rode past UT-Martin, 15-4.


Behind another MVP performance by sophomore Morgan Campbell who took home the Reining MVP award, K-State has now brought their overall record to 4-1.


Kansas State took home three out of the four MVP honors including sophomore Paige Sullivan in Equitation over Fences with her, 84-50 win. Junior Leslie Yates took home the Equitation on the Flat award with a solid, 78-58 win and in Horsemanship Stephanie Sanders of UTM garnered the MVP.


"The western riders made great adjustments to some tough horses today,” Western head coach Casie Williamson. “We had no idea what to expect coming into the competition, but they showed really strong and stayed focused ride to ride.”


The Wildcats Reining team dominated their rides again today with a 5-0 shutout win. In Horsemanship, K-State rolled the competition with a 3-1 win.


The Wildcats continued their supremacy in the English portion of the show with a win in Equitation over Fences, 3-2, and Equitation on the Flat, 4-1.


"Today was a very good test for our riders. I was thrilled with how everyone rode. We were very consistent, especially on the flat. I really liked how we kept working and in the end came out with the win. We had huge performances from Paige Sullivan, Leslie Yates, and Kendall Marvin. With each show, I feel like all of our riders are improving their functionality on the horses that they ride."


Sophomore Kendall Marvin picked up her first win of the season in Equitation over Fences, 79-65, and brought her overall record to 4-5-1on the season. Junior Jenny Giraldin turned in another win with her score of, 61-45, and pushes her record to 4-1.


Senior Lindsey Salsbury picked up her third win of the season in Horsemanship with a score of 71.5, and Sophomore Courtney Watters provided K-State with a spark as she won her match, 70-73, in Horsemanship.


“Everyone needs to keep their focus and finish on a strong note at Auburn. We expect Auburn to put on a strong competition, so we need to keep the same mental focus and ride really confident and aggressive,” Williamson said.


The Wildcats next action takes place Saturday Nov. 17 at Auburn for a head-to-head varsity match.


Kansas State 15, UT-Martin, 4

November 16, 2007

Fox Creek Farm

Manhattan, Kan.


English Results


Equitation over Fences

Paige Sullivan KSU (84) vs. Valerie Bernert UTM (50)
Kendall Marvin KSU (80) vs. Miranda Cain UTM (86)
Bridget Doyle KSU (74) vs. Audrey Hanlon UTM (82)
Leslie Yates KSU (62) vs. Mary Fly UTM (40)
Whitney Snyder KSU (64) vs. Michelle Thompson UTM (60)

KSU 3 UT-Martin 2

MVP- Paige Sullivan (KSU)



Equitation on the Flat

Kendall Marvin KSU (79) vs. Phebe Brennan UTM (65)
Leslie Yates KSU (78) vs. Valerie Bernert (58)
Julie Wolfert KSU (68) vs. Audrey Hanlon UTM (85)
Jenny Giraldin KSU (61) vs. Miranda Cain UTM (45)
Whitney Snyder KSU (67) vs. Mary Fly UTM (64)

KSU 4 - UTM 1

MVP- Leslie Yates (KSU)


Western Results



Varsity Horsemanship

Jana Lechtenberg KSU (68.5) vs. Sally Armstrong UTM (64)
Laura Brown KSU (72) vs. Elaine Haw UTM (72)
Lindsey Salsbury KSU (71.5) vs. Amanda Weedon UTM (68)
Alyssa Freeman KSU (72.5) vs. Stephanie Sanders UTM (73)
Courtney Watters KSU (70) vs. Kendra Leake UTM (59.5)


KSU 3 - UTM 1 Tie- 1

MVP- Stephanie Sanders (UTM)




 Alyssa Freeman KSU (67.5) vs. Stephanie Sanders UTM (63)
Morgan Campbell KSU (71) vs. Elaine Haw UTM (66.5)
Alecia Zimbelman KSU (72) vs. Kendra Leake UTM (70.5)
Kaylee Stout KSU (67) vs. Hannah Derks UTM (66.5)
Dani Pettera KSU (68) vs. Amanda Weedon UTM (65.5)


MVP- Morgan Campbell (KSU)