Wildcats Fall to Tide

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - The Kansas State rowing team opened the 2010 spring sprint season with losses at Alabama in a dual competition on the Black Warrior River in Tuscaloosa. The Wildcats battled the Crimson Tide with four boats in a dual competition, each racing twice over a shortened 1,500-meter course due to high current.

The repeat racing and shortened distance made the competition somewhat less formal and went to the Wildcats' advantage at this early stage in the racing season. Coach Patrick Sweeney took the opportunity to change lineups from one race to the next, using the format as a tool in assessing the entire squad at a given point in time.

The repeat racing paid off. In the second round, the Wildcats narrowed the gap in a number of heats. After losing to Alabama by a large margin in the first round, the 3rd Varsity 8+ cut the difference to just over three seconds in the second battle with the Tide. The 1st Varsity 8+ also fared better in its second race against Alabama turning an eight-second loss to less than three seconds at the line.

Considering this was only the Wildcats' fourth day on the water, Sweeney said he is pleased with the team's fight.  K-State proved it is fit and strong and ready to race, but need to make up time in technique and experience in the boat.  Nevertheless, in the short time they have had on the water, the young Wildcats are already showing signs of improvement, according to their head coach.

The Wildcats will remain on the road as they travel to Austin, Texas, for competition against a number of teams in the annual Longhorn Invitational. K-State will be in action on Lady Bird Lake over the three days of competition.

Alabama vs. Kansas State
Black Warrior River
1,500-meter course

First Round
Novice 8+

1: Alabama A 5:41.5
2: K-State 5:44.6
3: Alabama B 6:04.4

3rd Varsity 8+
1: Alabama 5;14.6
2: K-State 5:27.0

2nd Varsity 8+
1: Alabama 5:13.7
2: K-State 5:18.3

1st Varsity 8+
1: Alabama 5:26.0
2: K-State 5:34.1

Second Round
Novice 8+

1: Alabama A 5:17.7
2: K-State 5:36.8
3: Alabama B 5:51.3

3rd Varsity 8+
1: Alabama 5:09.2
2: K-State 5:12.6

2nd Varsity 8+
1: Alabama 5:14.0
2: K-State 5:22.3

1st Varsity 8+
1: Alabama 4:59.7
2: K-State 5:02.4

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