Weather Slows Wildcats in Longhorn Invitational

Allison Dorau

March 20, 2011

AUSTIN, Texas – The Kansas State rowing team opened its spring sprint season this weekend over three days of action on Lady Bird Lake for the annual Longhorn Invitational. Weather again played a role in making conditions difficult for the rowers, but head coach Patrick Sweeney said he was pleased with how his athletes showed progress over the course of action.

K-State took on San Diego, Louisville, Central Florida and Iowa at the Longhorn Invitational in four races apiece. The Wildcats faced off in 1st Novice 8, 1st Varsity 4, 2nd Varsity 8 and 1st Varsity 8 races against each opponent.

The Wildcats had limited time on the water practicing this season heading into the competition, and Sweeney said it showed in some aspects of the races. He was, however, happy to see the boats make up for poor starts and improve with more time on the water.

“We consistently got dropped at start of each race since our competitors are sharper off the line. But after the start phase, our boats kept pace, losing only a little down the course,” Sweeney said. “This was primarily due to our crews rating 28 to 30 strokes per minute versus our opponents at 33-34. Again this will be resolved with more technique and water time. In fact, over the course of the weekend our average rating increased, showing our athletes to be quick to make improvements. It will be good to get extended water time next week and continue the trend.”

The coaching staff also used the invitational as a chance to test a number of different lineups to see which rowers work best together on the water. Sweeney said the weather made it difficult to make comparisons based on time and finishes. He was pleased to see some of the experienced rowers showing strength with such little time on the water this season to date and to see some of the newer team members to be grasping on to coaching early.

“This weekend gave us the opportunity to move around some lineups and assess some personnel combinations,” Sweeney said. “The varsity boats are looking strong and rowing well considering we have had just a few days on the water. The highlight of the weekend, of course was getting a win in addition to rowing well. The Novice 8 had a good row against UCF. They were sharp and completed the course cleanly. They are showing they have learned a lot.”

The Wildcats will remain in Austin for a few days for training during spring break. K-State will then have some time to prepare for the annual San Diego Crew Classic on April 2 and 3.

Longhorn Invitational Results
1N8: Iowa 7:53.8, K-State 8:08.6
1V4: Iowa 8:54.1, K-State 9:10.4
2V8: Iowa 7:32.7, K-State 7:44.3
1V8: Iowa 7:23.7, K-State 7:34.7

1N8: Louisville 7:59.4, K-State 8:05.2
1V4: Louisville 8:45.2, K-State 9:17.0
2V8: Louisville 7:45.7, K-State 8:02.5
1V8: Louisville 7:42.6, K-State 7:51.9

1N8: K-State 8:04.6, UCF 8:22.5
1V4: UCF 8:54.0, K-State 9:37.9
2V8: UCF 7:46.9, K-State 7:56.9
1V8: UCF 7:38.0, K-State 7:46.8

1N8: San Diego 8:03.5, K-State 8:09.7
1V4: San Diego 8:51.4, K-State 9:39.6
2V8: San Diego 7:49.1, K-State 7:54.8
1V8: San Diego 7:30.7, K-State 7:35.9