Wildcats Battle Wind, Rowers in Austin

AUSTIN, Texas - The Kansas State Wildcats concluded three days of racing at the Longhorn Invitational while battling the likes of Iowa, Oklahoma, Central Florida and Louisville on Lady Bird Lake. K-State struggled to get into a rhythm on the water over the weekend and fought against poor weather conditions with high winds serving as a common theme on the lake for all teams.

The highlight of the weekend was the 1st Novice 8+ triumph on Saturday morning over Louisville by several lengths. The win was representative of the rest of the team's progress as the 'Cats made the most of their lack of water time preceding this first week of the season.

Coach Patrick Sweeney said he could see marked improvements in all crews over the course of the weekend as the team played catch-up on fine-tuning technical adjustments even in the heat of competition. Despite having trained indoors through all of the long winter, the K-State rowers raced aggressively through schedule changes and delays due to storms Saturday morning and strong winds for the rest of the weekend.

The Wildcats will be back in action next weekend at the San Diego Crew Classic for two days of competition against some of the top teams in the nation. Last year at the event, the Wildcats finished third in the Women's Collegiate SeaWorld Cal Cup. For more information and racing schedules for the San Diego Crew Classic visit www.crewclassic.org.

K-State vs. Oklahoma
1N8+: OU 8:14.10, KSU 8:28.20
1V4+: OU 9:28.30, KSU 9:37.80
2V8+: OU 7:53.30, KSU 8:08.40
1V8+: OU 7:31.50, KSU 7:39.27

K-State vs. Louisville
1V8+: UL 6:34.70, KSU 6:52.20
2v8+: UL 6:36.50, KSU 6:52.00
1V4+: UL 7:34.40, KSU 7:52.20
1N8+: UL: 7 :46.50, KSU 7:11.40

K-State vs. Central Florida
1N8+: UCF 7:12.60, KSU 7:25.70
1V4+: UCF 7:48.70, KSU 8:15.70
2V8+: KSU 6:50.30, UCF 7:10.20
1V8+: UCF 6:41.70, KSU 6:54.50

K-State vs. Iowa
1N8+: Iowa 7:18.27, KSU 7:31.08
1V4+: Iowa 7:58.10, KSU 8:18.38
2V8+: Iowa 6:50.20, KSU 7:11.26
1V8+: Iowa 6:37.30, KSU 6:59.11

K-State vs. Texas
2V4+: UT 7:54.40, KSU 7:57.40

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