Wildcats Win Third Straight Sunflower Showdown

Aly Bronder

March 30, 2013


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KANSAS CITY, Kan. - In an exciting battle on the water with their in-state rivals the Kansas State rowing team was able to hold off the Kansas Jayhawks in the final race of the day on Wyandotte County Lake to win a third straight Sunflower Showdown and retain the cup.

With the score tied 6-6 heading into the 1st Varsity 8 race, the Wildcats pulled ahead early and held that lead the whole way. KU tried to narrow the gap over the final 250 meters, but it was too little too late as K-State got the victory by less than a second and secured the Sunflower Showdown win 14-6.

"When you're standing there as a coach, there is nothing you can do, you're literally standing there watching it happen, and I was a bit worried. I wouldn't want to say it's a nice feeling," K-State Head Coach Pat Sweeney said. "The thing about it is for the women themselves, the way they raced it, they really pushed themselves to hold that final charge off of Kansas. It was really good they dug as deep as they did to hold them off, so I'm really pleased for them."

Another boat Sweeney said he was impressed with on the day was the 1st Novice 8. After going 4-0 last week at the Longhorn Invitational and 2-1 at the OU Invitational earlier in the spring season, the novices immediately pulled away from the Jayhawks and put together one of the best performances on the day and the most dominating wins.

K-State's Novice 8 extended its lead and was up by more than three boat lengths halfway through and won by four with a time margin of nearly 30 seconds. That victory helped spark the Wildcats' confidence to get the win.

The Wildcats fell behind after the first race with the Novice 4 losing the initial race worth one point. The Novice 8 win gave K-State a 3-1 lead, and that was followed by a win for the Varsity 4 in the first tightly contested race of the day. K-State held off a charge from KU to win by only 2.2 seconds and take a 6-1 lead.

KU's 2nd Varsity 8 edged out K-State by 4.7 seconds to tie the score 6-6 with the five points awarded for that race. Then, it was K-State winning the most important race of the day to secure the cup again.

While Sweeney was pleased with the win over KU, he knows his team has more work to do on the water to continue progressing and building toward championship season following a couple larger regattas in April.

"We're not sharp enough yet," Sweeney said. "We haven't had a lot of water time. We're a little bit slower than we should be. So we've still got a lot more work to do before the end of the season."

K-State will be in action again next week when they head to one of the largest regattas in the nation on the West Coast. The Wildcats will take on some top teams again at the San Diego Crew Classic over three days of action.

Sunflower Showdown Results
Novice 4 (1pt)
1: Kansas B, 8:52.4
2: Kansas A, 8:57.2
3: K-State, 9:26.1

Novice 8 (3 pts)
1: K-State, 7:06.6
2: Kansas, 7:33.0

Varsity 4 (3 pts)
1: K-State, 7:59.1
2: Kansas A, 8:02.3
3: Kansas B, 8:07.2

2nd Varsity 8 (5 pts)
1: Kansas A, 7:06.0
2: K-State, 7:10.7
3: Kansas B, 7:34.0

1st Varsity 8 (8 pts)
1: K-State, 6:59.8
2: Kansas, 7:01.2

K-State Boatings
Varsity 8
C Hillary Schartz
8 Allison Dorau
7 Aly Bronder
6 Adria Ley
5 Madi Haney
4 Lisa Angell
3 Lindsay Smith
2 Kristina Smith
1 Meggie Murray

2nd Varsity 8
C Kaitlyn Arrow
8 Natalie Greene
7 Emily Elliott
6 Allison Tuxhorn
5 Beth DeMars
4 Danielle Glynn
3 Abby Weaver
2 Justine Walsh
1 Chelsea Holt Bates

Varsity 4
C Samantha McCloud
4 Jennifer Smisek
3 Hayley Harvey
2 Ally Franken
1 Lacey Reifschneider

Novice 8
C Kara Omo
8 Chelsea Goble
7 Ashley Houser
6 Erin Roeser
5 Brittany Long
4 Lindsey Schmeidler
3 Jessica Kuhlman
2 Ashley Standage
1 Laura Baumgartner

Novice 4
C Meaghan Kuzmich
4 Mackenzie Christian
3 Kendra Unruh
2 Ailey Connelly
1 Taylor Obersteadt