Wildcats Win Gold at SIRAs

1st Varsity 4 celebrates its gold medal performance at SIRAs.

April 21, 2013

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OAK RIDGE, Tenn. – Kansas State rowing had its most impressive performances of the season this weekend at the Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships, coming home with two gold medals and a bronze after the Wildcats rowed hard over two days on Melton Hill Lake. The Wildcats had four boats competing and all four qualified for grand finals in their respective events as K-State was up against a number of strong teams from the region.

The 2nd Varsity 8 opened Sunday’s finals with a win in the Women’s Junior Varsity 8 defeating George Washington in a close race down the line. George Washington stayed within striking distance for length of the course, but the Wildcats gradually inched farther ahead the whole way and clinched the win with a clean sprint. The Wildcats’ 3rd Varsity 8 also qualified for the grand final in the JV8 competition and finished in fourth place. K-State was the only school to have two boats advance to the JV8 grand final.

The Varsity 4 had one of the more dominating performances of the weekend crushing the field by more than four seconds in the Grand Final. Head Coach Patrick Sweeney said he felt justified in keeping the lineup together after making adjustments to other boats this weekend.

“It’s good to see a crew come together and work as a unit straight through the season, and that’s clearly what this boat is doing,” Sweeney said.

The win by the 2nd Varsity 8 marked the second straight year K-State has won the Women’s Junior Varsity 8 at SIRAs.

“With the repeat in the 2nd Varsity and this time backed up by the 3rd Varsity taking fourth, plus the solid performance from the Varsity 4, we can see how the team has grown in depth,” Sweeney said. “Now our task is to have all boats get faster and more competitive. With four novices having moved up into the 1V8 and two novices racing with the 2V8 this weekend, I am confident that the speed is in there. It will come with more experience.”

K-State’s 1st Varsity 8 ended the day with a bronze-medal performance in its grand final in a tightly contested race. The Wildcats got up to an early lead through the 1,000-meter mark where George Washington made a push and walked back on K-State, followed by Purdue. All three boats were in contention for the lead until the sprint where K-State could not quite hold together and regain enough speed to clinch the victory. They finished less than a second behind Purdue for the silver medal and George Washington was only two seconds ahead of K-State.

Overall, Sweeney was pleased with the lineup changes he and his staff made this weekend and is confident that as his new crews get more water time together they will find the necessary speed to continue with success down the final stretch of the season.

“Although the youngsters have a big task ahead of them in moving up and learning to gel with the faster boats, the level they’ve already achieved makes for a bright future for the whole team in the long run,” Sweeney said.

The Wildcats turn their attention now toward championship season with the Big 12 Conference Championship next on the schedule two weeks away on May 4. K-State will take on the four other schools in the Big 12 with rowing teams at Wyandotte County Lake looking to keep its momentum from this weekend’s impressive showing at SIRAs.

K-State Results
Women’s Junior Varsity 8 Grand Final
1: K-State A, 7:01.80; 2: George Washington, 7:02.12; 3: Purdue, 7:10.50; 4: K-State B, 7:16.00; 5: Jacksonville, 7:37.30

Women’s Varsity 4 Grand Final
1: K-State, 7:38.90; 2: Central Oklahoma, 7:43.50; 3: Nova SE, 7:45.30; 4: Florida State, 7:48.30; 5: VCU, 7:48.80; 6: Stetson, 8:07.50

Women’s Varsity 8 Grand Final
1: George Washington, 6:34.70; 2: Purdue, 6:36.00; 3: K-State, 6:36.70; 4: Nova SE, 6:38.50; 5: Central Oklahoma, 6:41.30; 6: Oklahoma City, 6:58.40

Women’s Junior Varsity 8 Semifinal A
1: K-State B, 7:09.00; 2: George Washington, 7:18.10; 3: Jacksonville, 7:44.29; 4: Purdue (lightweight), 7:54.10
Women’s Junior Varsity 8 Semifinal B
1: Purdue, 7:01.90; 2: K-State A, 7:04.10; 3: Central Oklahoma, 7:08.50

Women’s Varsity 8 Prelims Heat 4
1: K-State, 7:08.30; 2: Central Oklahoma, 7:23.05; 3: Georgia Tech, 7:51.64; 4: Georgia, 8:01.63; 5: LSU, 8:02.84
Women’s Varsity 8 Semifinals
1: Purdue, 6:46.40; 2: K-State, 6:48.60; 3: Oklahoma City, 7:00.60; 4: Emory, 7:06.30; 5: Florida, 7:08.00; 6: Jacksonville, 7:11.90

Women’s Varsity 4 Preliminary Heat 1
1: K-State, 7:57.70; 2: Tampa, 8:13.81; 3: James Madison, 8:16.24; 4: Northwestern State, 8:18.53; 5: Ohio, 8:32.09; 6: Florida, 8:33.14
Women’s Varsity 4 Semifinal 1
1: K-State, 7:56.00; 2: Florida State, 8:06.60; 3: VCU, 8:13.10; 4: James Madison, 8:33.10; 5: Virginia Tech, 8:40.20; 6: Charleston, 8:52.30

K-State Boatings
C Hillary Schartz
8 Megan Murray
7 Ashley Houser
6 Allison Dorau
5 Madi Haney
4 Adria Ley
3 Brittany Long
2 Erin Roeser
1 Aly Bronder

C Samantha McCloud
4 Jennifer Smisek
3 Hayley Harvey
2 Lacey Reifschneider
1 Ally Franken

C Kara Omo
8 Lindsay Smith
7 Lisa Angell
6 Abby weaver
5 Allison Tuxhorn
4 Lindsey Schmeidler
3 Jessica Kuhlman
2 Justine Walsh
1 Emily Elliott

C Kaitlyn Arrow
8 Natalie Greene
7 Danielle Glynn
6 Chelsea Goble
5 Chelsea holt bates
4 Mackenzie Christian
3 Kendra Unruh
2 Ashley Standage
1 Laura Baumgartner