Wildcats Reclaim Kansas Cup

Hanna Wiltfong

April 23, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Kan. – The Kansas State rowing team reclaimed the Kansas Cup from rival Kansas Jayhawks on Saturday winning the final two races of the day to get the victory. The Wildcats bested the Jayhawks by the score of 13-6 after claiming both Varsity 8 races.

The Wildcats battled in a close Novice 8 race with the Jayhawks to start the competition with K-State holding the lead only to see it slip away at the end. Head Coach Patrick Sweeney said the difference was mistakes down the stretch that enabled KU to come from behind in the opening race. He also added the younger crew of rowers has a chance to improve by fixing these slight mistakes.

“It was a nice day and the team did a good job,” Sweeney said. “In the tight race between the Novice 8’s, it was obviously technical mistakes that prevented us from getting the win. Each time they got ahead, a slight mistake would bring KU back into the race. Once they correct these faults, they will undoubtedly race to their potential.”

The 1st Varsity 4 race went to KU to give the Jayhawks the 6-0 lead heading into the final two Varsity 8 races. KU bested K-State by nine seconds in the Varsity 4 race to hold the momentum early in the competition.

K-State would respond with a dominating win in the 2nd Varsity 8 race. The Wildcats jumped out to an early lead with a strong start at the gun. Sweeney said he was more than pleased with his 2nd Varsity 8 crew as they made big improvements from a week ago in Tennessee and did a good job of opening the race and closing the door by maintaining speed the whole way and winning by more than five seconds..

“Of all our crews, today's performance by the 2nd Varsity was the best turnaround in comparison to last weekend,” Sweeney said. “They blasted off the start line and held a good pace throughout the race to immediately take charge of the race and put away the win.”

With the win in the 2nd Varsity 8 the Wildcats trailed the overall scoring 6-5, making the final race of the day the deciding race on the water.

K-State put together another impressive race in the 1st Varsity 8 competition after the Jayhawks came out strong to open the race. The Wildcats overcame their rivals, however, and pulled away even further to get the win and bring home the Kansas Cup again after losing it last year for the first time in five years.

“The 1st Varsity's race was not their best of the year but was solid and workmanlike,” Sweeney said. “KU threw everything they had into the first 500 meters. It was nice to see our athletes stay strong on their rhythm, row through the Jayhawks, and out the other side to win convincingly. Overall, it was a good team performance today and nice to reclaim the trophy.”

The Wildcats will now begin preparing for the Big 12 Championship next week in Kansas City again. K-State looks to build off its momentum from two straight weeks of solid performances from its boats to make some noise on the water against KU, Oklahoma and Texas next weekend.

Kansas Cup Results
K-State 13 points
Kansas 6 points

1st Novice 8 (3 points)
1: Kansas A, 7:00.2
2: K-State, 7:01.0
3: Kansas B, 7:31.0

1st Varsity 4 (3 points)
1: Kansas A, 7:38.4
2: K-State, 7:47.5
3: Kansas B, 7:52.4

2nd Varsity 8 (5 points)
1: K-State, 6:55.2
2: Kansas A, 7:00.5
3: Kansas B, 7:39.2

1st Varsity 8 (8 points)
1: K-State, 6:42.7
2: Kansas, 6:53.8

K-State Boatings
C: Weatherly Butler
S: Christa Bowman
7: Hanna Wiltfong
6: Adria Ley
5: Amanda Weishaar
4: Allison Dorau
3: Anna Young
2: Traci Smiley
B: Ali Peters

C: Whitley Jackson
S: Nicole Burdiek
7: Danielle Glynn
6: Jayci McKenney
5: Justine Walsh
4: Aly Bronder
3: Hayley Harvey
2: Sierra Cuda
B: Melissa Steen

C: Samantha McCloud
S: Nicole Stuckey
3: Morrisa Rumage
2: Tricia Walker
B: Brittany Leathers

C: Hillary Schartz
S: Natalie Greene
7: Emily Elliott
6: Lea Hauldren
5: Marissa Campbell
4: Abby Harbour
3: Kris Smith
2: Brittany Odle
B: Nicole Specht