Wildcats Finish 3rd at Big 12 Championship

Traci Smiley

April 30, 2011

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. – The Kansas State Wildcats pulled their way to a third-place finish at the Big 12 Rowing Championship on Saturday. The Wildcats scored a total of 67 points competing in four of the six races on Wyandotte County Lake while the Texas Longhorns repeated as champions.

Head coach Patrick Sweeney said it was a frustrating weekend for the team.

“After a week of limited water time due to high winds, our boats did not improve to potential," Sweeney said. “After three straight weekends of racing, it's obvious the team's endurance level has fallen. In all the races, our boats were doing well over the first half of the distance and tailed off. This week's objective will be to get back to basics.”

Although the Wildcats were able to repeat last week's defeat of Kansas, the Wildcats could not keep pace with Oklahoma or Texas. Their best performance came from the 1st Varsity 8 as the Wildcats rowed through KU and were neck and neck with Oklahoma 1,200 meters into the race before the Sooners pulled away. Sweeney said the 1st Varsity 4 had its best race of the season to date beating KU. He also was pleased with how the 2nd Varsity 8 opened its race.

“The 2V8 produced a blazing start, holding with OU until the first thousand meters, but could not hold on over the rest of the race,” Sweeney said.

Sweeney said although the performance at the Big 12 Championship was disappointing, he has faith his Wildcats can return to form in two weeks at the Conference USA Rowing Championship.

"I am confident that if they return to what they learned over the first part of the season, rebuild their endurance, and get on the water more than once a week, we will be able to race strong at the Conference USA regatta," Sweeney said.

The Conference USA Championship is slated for May 14 in Oak Ridge, Tenn. K-State has rowed on Melton Hill Lake already this season and has seen the majority of the conference in competition as well. Sweeney said he would like to see his team make the strides it has all season in preparing for C-USA Championship and take it to the water one more time.

Big 12 Rowing Championship Results
Final Standings
1. Texas, 111 pts
2. Oklahoma, 85 pts
3. Kansas State, 67 pts
4. Kansas, 54 pts

2nd Varsity Four
Texas. 8:45.5
Oklahoma, 8:53.6
Kansas, 9:05.1

2nd Novice Eight
Texas, 7:37.9 – 4 pts
Kansas, 7:46.3 – 3 pts
Oklahoma, 8:03.8 – 2 pts

1st Novice Eight
Texas, 7:18.3 – 8 pts
Kansas, 7:23.0 – 6 pts
Kansas State, 7:24.9 – 4 pts
Oklahoma, 7:29.6 – 2 pts

1st Varsity Four
Texas, 7:44.1 – 17 pts
Oklahoma, 7:50.9 – 14 pts
Kansas State, 8:10.9 – 11 pts
Kansas, 8:16.0 – 8 pts

2nd Varsity Eight
Texas, 6:55.9 – 32 pts
Oklahoma, 7:09.8 – 26 pts
Kansas    State, 7:14.4 – 20 pts
Kansas, 7:16.5 – 14 pts

1st Varsity Eight
Texas, 6:47.7 – 50 pts
Oklahoma, 6:57.9 – 41 pts
Kansas    State, 7:02.5 – 32 pts
Kansas, 7:03.5 – 23 pts

K-State Boatings
1st Varsity 8
C: Weatherly Butler
S: Christa Bowman
7: Ali Peters
6: Adria Ley
5: Amanda Weishaar
4: Allison Dorau
3: Hanna Wiltfong
2: Traci Smiley
B: Anna Young

2nd Varsity 8
C: Whitley Jackson
S: Nicole Burdiek
7: Danielle Glynn
6: Jayci McKenney
5: Justine Walsh
4: Ally Bronder
3: Hayley Harvey
2: Sierra Cuda
B: Melissa Steen

1st Varsity 4
C: Katie Arrow
4: Nicole Stuckey
3: Morissa Rumage
2: Tricia Walker
1: Brittany Leathers

1st Novice 8
C: Rebecca Bohling
S: Natalie Greene
7: Emily Elliott
6: Lea Hauldren
5: Marissa Campbell
4: Kris Smith
3: Shandell Kretzer
2: Nicole Specht
B: Brittany Odle