Wildcats Finish 5th at Big 12 Rowing Championship

May 4, 2013


The Kansas State rowing team battled its conference rivals on Saturday at the Big 12 Rowing Championship to come away in fifth place. The Wildcats entered only four of the six races for a bit of an automatic handicap and scored 66 points on the day at Wyandotte County Lake as Oklahoma took first place to end the four-year reign of the Texas Longhorns as Big 12 champs.

“It’s really frustrating to be in the running with these other crews and be held back by our lack of technical sharpness,” K-State Head Coach Patrick Sweeney said. “In almost every race, our boats remained within striking distance through the body of the race but don’t yet have enough race-execution maturity to push at the halfway point or sprint effectively, which would have made up the seats we needed to pull ahead.”

K-State took third place in the 3rd Varsity 8 race in the Wildcats’ first race of the day. The Wildcats started the race strong and were vying for first position against Texas early on, but OU caught up in the third quarter of the race. K-State answered with a push into the sprint but could not strike fast enough to regain second place.

The 1st Varsity 4 also had a good row, jumping to the front of the pack with OU off the start. The Wildcats took a four-seat lead into the second quarter of the race, but OU steadily walked back through K-State as Texas also made a charge. K-State battled through the second half of the race and did not lose much ground but could not regain the lead and finished third.

“Despite the overall points outcome, my hat is off to our team,” Sweeney said. “Even with the lack of water time it is interesting to see how much we have gained on OU and Texas since the beginning of the season.”

K-State’s 2nd Varsity 8 was competing with a new lineup on Saturday and struggled to get into a rhythm with that new lineup, coming in fifth.

The 1st Varsity 8 got off to a slow start along with West Virginia. However, both boats made up ground and overtook KU in the second quarter. K-State continued in the running for third place over the second half of the race but could not quite get as much speed in the sprint, finishing fourth.

The league recognized an All-Big 12 Conference Team following the championship, and two Wildcats were honored. Allison Dorau was named to the first team, and Megan Murray was recognized as a second team member.

The Wildcats will now turn their attention to the Conference USA Championship in two weeks as the team hopes to have more time on the water in practices and to improve its standing from a year ago after taking sixth place. The racing is set to take place on Melton Hill Lake in Oak Ridge, Tenn., where the Wildcats had a string of success recently at the 2013 SIRA Championships.

“It would have been nice to have our lineups set at the beginning of the season rather than going back to the drawing board looking for better matching and optimal speed throughout the schedule,” Sweeney said. “But that’s the kind of season we have had and we will fix what we can to have a better performance at Conference USA.”

2013 Big 12 Rowing Championship
Team Standings
1: Oklahoma, 136 pts
2: Texas, 117 pts
3: Kansas, 81 pts
4: West Virginia, 75 pts
5: K-State, 66 pts

K-State Race Results
3rd Varsity 8
1: Texas, 6:46.48 – 10 pts
2: Oklahoma, 6:49.07 – 8 pts
3: K-State, 6:54.97 – 6 pts
4: Kansas, 6:58.32 – 4 pts
5: West Virginia, 7:01.12 – 2 pts

1st Varsity 4
1: Oklahoma, 7:18.92 – 20 pts
2: Texas, 7:20.15 – 17 pts
3: K-State, 7:24.82 – 14 pts
4: Kansas, 7:31.55 – 11 pts
5: West Virginia, 7:48.61 – 8 pts

2nd Varsity 8
1: Oklahoma, 6:34.24 – 38 pts
2: Kansas, 6:41.14 – 32 pts
3: Texas, 6:46.15 – 26 pts
4: West Virginia, 6:46.66 – 20 pts
5: K-State, 6:54.16 – 14 pts

1st Varsity 8
1: Oklahoma, 6:28.39 – 59 pts
2: Texas, 6:31.15 – 50 pts
3: West Virginia, 6:34.34 – 41 pts
4: K-State, 6:36.45 – 32 pts
5: Kansas, 6:43.31 – 23 pts

K-State Boatings
C: Hillary Schartz
8: Megan Murray
7: Ashley Houser
6: Allison Dorau
5: Brittany Long
4: Adria Ley
3: Madi Haney
2: Erin Roeser
1: Aly Bronder

C: Kara Omo
8: Lindsay Smith
7: Lisa Angell
6: Abby Weaver
5: Justine Walsh
4: Allison Tuxhorn
3: Jessica Kuhlman
2: Lindsey Schmeidler
1: Emily Elliott

C: Samantha McCloud
4: Jennifer Smisek
3: Hayley Harvey
2: Lacey Reifschneider
1: Ally Franken

C: Kaitlyn Arrow
8: Natalie Greene
7: Danielle Glynn
6: Chelsea Goble
5: Beth DeMars
4: Chelsea Holt Bates
3: Mackenzie Christian
2: Ashley Standage
1: Laura Baumgartner