Wildcats Roll at Head of the Des Moines

Hanna Wiltfong

Sept. 24, 2011

DES MOINES, Iowa. – The Kansas State rowing team opened its fall season on Saturday and came away with a list of fast times and top finishes at the Head of the Des Moines. The Wildcats won all four races they entered and also added top five finishes in those races with multiple boats entered.

K-State opened the day on the water with an impressive win in the Women’s Collegiate Novice 4 race. The Wildcats dominated the race crossing the line in 21:23.57 and besting Wheaton College by nearly three minutes.

K-State followed that race with another impressive showing from the veteran Varsity 8 in the Women’s Collegiate 8 competition. The experienced group finished with a time of 18:05.61 nearly one minute ahead of the K-State 2nd Varsity 8 that clocked in at 18:58.01. The Wildcats fielded a third boat in the Collegiate 8 race with that boat coming in fourth behind Wichita State.

Head Coach Patrick Sweeney said he was pleased with how his Wildcats performed in their first competition on the water this fall. He was particularly pleased with the 1st Varsity 8, while some others performed well but still have room to improve.

“The team performed well and overall as expected with wins,” Sweeney said. “The 1st Varsity 8 rowed aggressively and showed they are capable of attacking a race plan. This is something we came here to learn. The 2nd Varsity did not attack the first half of the course and therefore forfeited any chance of challenging the first boa. They rowed solidly but did not race hard enough.”

The third win of the day came for the Wildcats in the Women’s Collegiate Novice 8. K-State pulled out the win in 19:39.42 defeating Wichita State by just under two minutes in the race.

K-State put five boats in the Women’s Collegiate 4 with all of them finishing sixth or better, including sweeping the top three spots. The Wildcats 1st Varsity 4 crossed the line in 20:22.34 for the win to edge out the 2nd Varsity 4 by less than 20 seconds. K-State’s 3rd Varsity 4 finished third in 20:45.39.

“In the Varsity 4’s, the winning boat rowed like they did in the Varsity 8 and took the race to the others,” Sweeney added. “Overall the team did well. This was a good dress rehearsal for the stronger competition to come next week in Oklahoma. This race was good from a coaching standpoint in giving good markers to improve on.”

The Wildcats will travel south to compete in the Head of the Oklahoma next Saturday on the Oklahoma River in Oklahoma City. At the race, K-State will take on some familiar opponents from within the conference and face of the top teams in the nation from the West Coast.

K-State Results
Women’s Collegiate Varsity 8
1: K-State A, 18:05.61
2: K-State B, 18:58.01
4: K-State C, 19:24.92

Women’s Collegiate Novice 8
1: K-State, 19:39.42

Women’s Collegiate Novice 4
1: K-State 21:23.57

Women’s Collegiate 4
1: K-State A, 20:22.34
2: K-State E, 20:41.09
3: K-State B, 20:45.39
5: K-State C, 21:20.11
6: K-State D, 22:05.88

K-State Boatings
Collegiate Novice 4
C Mayabeth Jagosz
4 Meggie Murray
3 Lindsay Smith
2 Beth Demars
1 Abby Weaver

Collegiate Varsity 8A
C Weatherly Butler
8 Allison Dorau
7 Nicole Burdiek
6 Anna Young
5 Amanda Weishaar
4 Adria Ley
3 Hanna Wiltfong
2 Traci Smiley
1 Aly Bronder

Collegiate Varsity 8B
C Kaitlyn Arrow
8 Nicole Stuckey
7 Ali Peters
6 Kris Smith
5 Justine Walsh
4 Danielle Glynn
3 Hayley Harvey
2 Lea Hauldren
1 Marissa Campbell

Collegiate Varsity 8C
C Hillary Schartz
8 Natalie Greene
7 Lauren Schumaker
6 Emily Elliott
5 Kaycee Brown
4 Allison Tuxhorn
3 Abby Harbour
2 Jennifer Smisek
1 Katie Volle

Collegiate Novice 8
C Mayabeth Jagosz
8 Meggie Murray
7 Lindsay Smith
6 Beth Demars
5 Abby Weaver
4 Allison Tuxhorn
3 Kaycee Brown
2 Jennifer Smisek
1 Katie Volle

Collegiate 4A
C Weatherly Butler
4 Allison Dorau
3 Nicole Burdiek
2 Traci Smiley
1 Aly Bronder

Collegiate 4B
C Hillary Schartz
4 Anna Young
3 Amanda Weishaar
2 Adria Ley
1 Hanna Wiltfong

Collegiate 4C
C Kaitlyn Arrow
4 Nicole Stuckey
3 Ali Peters
2 Kris Smith
1 Justine Walsh

Collegiate 4D
C Myriah Smith
4 Danielle Glynn
3 Hayley Harvey
2 Lea Hauldren
1 Marissa Campbell

Collegiate 4E
C Kynsey Creel
4 Natalie Greene
3 Lauren Schumaker
2 Abby Harbour
1 Emily Elliott