Young Wildcats Shine in Rainy Conditions

Natalie Greene

Sept. 30, 2012

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. - K-State rowing traveled to one of the fastest growing regattas in the nation this weekend to test a number of new lineups and open the fall season at the OCU Head of the Oklahoma and came away with a handful of strong performances, including a victory from a one of the Novice boats.

A large storm system dumped heavy rains over most of Oklahoma and Texas on Saturday, although it affected the rowing little on the Oklahoma River. The rains did not slow some of the Wildcats, for sure, with 10 boats entered in the competition.

Head Coach Patrick Sweeney said he was anxious to see his team compete with a number of holes to fill after so many seniors departed from last year's team. He was pleased with what he saw in the first competition of the year and believes his Wildcats competed well with so many new lineups on the water.

"I'm pleased with how the crews all held their form during the competition," Sweeney said. "They were all asked to row with good technique and did that well, especially for the first regatta of the season."

The Varsity 8 A was up against strong crews from some other regional teams and came away with a 10th-place finish during a qualifying round for the exciting NightSprints under the lights at Regatta Park in downtown Oklahoma City on Saturday night.

With the top 12 teams advancing to the Saturday OG&E NightSprints, K-State's top boat grabbed a spot and came up just shy with its other Varsity 8 in 14th place overall. The coaching staff, however, elected to not compete in the OG&E NightSprints since the rowers were participating in the Varsity 4 race as well.

K-State saw a group of rookies shine on the water as well.

The Wildcats put two Novice 4 boats on the water and came away with strong showings for both. The N4 A group finished second with its time of 17:35.790 to finish behind Tulsa by approximately 11 seconds. K-State claimed fourth place with the N4 B finishing just behind Tulsa's second boat.

More success came to the Novice rowers in the Women's Collegiate Novice 8 head race with K-State taking first place. The crew of coxswain Karlee Rainbolt and rowers Chelsea Goble, Ashley Houser, Erin Roeser, Elizabeth Stevenson, Anna Nusser, Mackenzie Christian, Lindsey Schmeidler and Laura Baumgartner dominated the race winning by more than 26 seconds and a time of 15:50.111. A second Novice 8 boat finished in fourth place for the Wildcats as well, clocking in at 17:32.888.

Sweeney said he was more than pleased with the performance of his new rowers in their debut Saturday.

"Execution is what my concern was with the novices entering this regatta, and they did that well," Sweeney said. "That means the young athletes are learning and we should be able to improve our speed in the spring."

The plan this weekend was to take the rowers from the Varsity 8 boats and put together four different lineups for the Women's Collegiate Varsity 4 race, and those crews also had stellar showings in the season opener.

Those boats went on to post to finishes in the top 15. The Varsity 4 B finished 12th with its time of 17:21.948 to hold off rival Kansas. It was the Varsity 8 A that was neck and neck with KU down the stretch but the Jayhawks just grabbed the lead crossing the finish line just .111 of a second faster to place K-State in 14th place. The Wildcats also took 16th and 21st place in the Women's Collegiate 4 race.

K-State does not have any other regattas scheduled for the fall season and the Wildcats will take the experience gained at the Head of the Oklahoma on Saturday and continue to train for more races this spring. K-State will have a winter training trip in January.

OCU Head of the Oklahoma
K-State Results
Women's Collegiate 8 (OG&E NightSprints Qualifier)
10: Varsity 8 A, 15:42.484
14: Varsity 8 B, 15:56.738

Women's Collegiate Novice 4
2: Novice 4 A, 17:35.790
4: Novice 4 B, 17:56.720

Women's Collegiate 4 (OG&E NightSprints Qualifier)
12: Varsity 4 B, 17:21.948
14: Varsity 4 A, 17:23.334
16: Varsity 4 D, 17:37.020
21: Varsity 4 C, 17:55.211

Women's Collegiate Novice 8
1: Novice 8 A, 15:50.111
4: Novice 8 B, 17:32.888

K-State Boatings
Varsity 8 A
C: Hillary Schartz
8: Allison Dorau
7: Madalynn Haney
6: Adria Ley
5: Abigail Weaver
4: Kristina Smith
3: Megan Murray
2: Aly Bronder
1: Emily Elliott

Varsity 8 B
C: Kaitlyn Arrow
8: Jennifer Smisek
7: Allison Tuxhorn
6: Lisa Angell
5: Lindsay Smith
4: Elizabeth DeMars
3: Allison Franken
2: Chelsea Holt Bates
1: Sierra Cuda

Novice 4 A
C: Kara Omo
4: Erin Roeser
3: Elizabeth Stevenson
2: Samantha Snell
1: Laura Baumgartner

Novice 4 B
C: Karlee Rainbolt
4: Chelsea Goble
3: Ashley Houser
2: Lindsey Schmeidler
1: Mackenzie Christian

Varsity 4 A
C: Hillary Schartz
4: Kristina Smith
3: Megan Murray
2: Aly Bronder
1: Emily Elliott

Varsity 4 B
C: Kaitlyn Arrow
4: Allison Dorau
3: Madalynn Haney
2: Adria Ley
1: Abigail Weaver

Varsity 4 C
C: Samantha McCloud
4: Jennifer Smisek
3: Allison Tuxhorn
2: Lisa Angell
1: Lindsay Smith

Varsity 4 D
C: Kynsey Creel
4: Natalie Greene
3: Chelsea Holt Bates
2: Allison Franken
1: Lacey Reifschneider

Novice 8 A
C: Karlee Rainbolt
8: Chelsea Goble
7: Ashley Houser
6: Erin Roeser
5: Elizabeth Stevenson
4: Anna Nusser
3: Mackenzie Christian
2: Lindsey Schmeidler
1: Laura Baumgartner

Novice 8 B
C: Kara Omo
8: Samantha Snell
7: Katherine Volle
6: Jessica Kuhlman
5: Brittany Long
4: Kendra Unruh
3: Emily Pugh
2: Aileen Connelly
1: Elizabeth Stricker