Novice 8 Wins at Head of the Oklahoma

Allison Dorau

Oct. 2, 2011

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – The Kansas State rowing team closed out the fall portion of its schedule with a strong showing from its 1st Novice 8 boat as well as the 1st Varsity 8 against its strongest competition of the fall at the Head of the Oklahoma on the Oklahoma River this weekend.

K-State saw its 1st Novice 8 come home with the gold after clocking in at 15:00.932. The Wildcats dominated the race leaving the competition way behind as K-State won by nearly a minute and a half. Conference USA foe Tulsa was the closest boast to the Wildcats finishing in 16:23.857.

“This weekend's performance from the novices was a positive starting point for our youngsters' rowing careers,” Head Coach Patrick Sweeney said. “It is apparent they have learned what racing is about.”

The Wildcats had a trio of boats compete in the Women’s Collegiate 8 race with the best finish coming from K-State’s top boat as the 1st Varsity 8 came in ninth. The boat finished behind crews from conference opponents Texas, Oklahoma and Tulsa, and ranked Stanford came away with the victory.

K-State also had boats finish 12th and 16th in the Women’s Collegiate 8 competition. The other race the Wildcats fielded boats in was the Women’s Collegiate 4 with the 1st Varsity 4 finished eighth crossing the line n 15:45.466 right on the heels of OU.

“The 1st Varsity also raced hard and well, but as has been problematic in the past, we're missing a little bit of the ability to feel the run of the boat at race pace and other technical details. We just need more water time and mileage to become better rowers,” Sweeney said.

The Wildcats now turn their focus toward training to prepare for the spring season. Sweeney said his team will take the performances in the fall and build on them in training for when the Wildcats head to Longhorn Invitational in March.

K-State Results
Women’s Collegiate 8
9: K-State A, 14:09.528
12: K-State C, 14:24.466
16: K-State B, 14:41.089

Women’s Collegiate 4
8: K-State A, 15:45.466
13: K-State B, 15:57.787
22: K-State D, 16:32.151
25: K-State C, 16:54.447

Women’s Collegiate Novice 8
1: K-State A, 15:00.932

K-State Boatings
1st Varsity 8
C Weatherly Butler
8 Allison Dorau
7 Nicole Burdiek
6 Anna Young
5 Amanda Weishaar
4 Traci Smiley
3 Hanna Wiltfong
2 Ali Peters
1 Aly Bronder

2nd Varsity 8
C Kaitlyn Arrow
8 Nicole Stuckey
7 Hayley Harvey
6 Adria Ley
5 Justine Walsh
4 Kris Smith
3 Danielle Glynn
2 Lea Hauldren
1 Marisa Campbell

3rd Varsity 8
C Hillary Schartz
8 Natalie Greene
7 Lauren Schumaker
6 Meggie Murray
5 Lindsay Smith
4 Abby Harbour
3 Beth Demars
2 Abby Weaver
1 Jennifer Smisek

1st Varsity 4
C Weatherly Butler
4 Allison Dorau
3 Nicole Burdiek
2 Traci Smiley
1 Aly Bronder

2nd Varsity 4
C Hillary Schartz
4 Hanna Wiltfong
3 Anna Young
2 Amanda Weishaar
1 Ali Peters

3rd Varsity 4
C Kaitlyn Arrow
4 Nicole Stuckey
3 Hayley Harvey
2 Kris Smith
1 Danielle Glynn

4th Varsity 4
C Kynsey Creel
4 Natalie Greene
3 Lauren Schumaker
2 Abby Harbour
1 Justine Walsh

1st Novice 8
C Myriah Smith
8 Meggie Murray
7 Lindsay Smith
6 Beth Demars
5 Abby Weaver
4 Kaycee Brown
3 Allison Tuxhorn
2 Katie Volle
1 Jennifer Smisek