Wildcats Start Season Strong in Oklahoma City

Oct. 5, 2013


K-State AthleticsMANHATTAN, Kan. – K-State Rowing came away with a handful of strong performances as they sent ten boats to race at the OCU Head of the Oklahoma in Oklahoma City, Okla. The Wildcats, racing for the first time this season, had two boats finish in the top 10 in the Women’s Collegiate 8 and another two finish in the top 10 in the Women’s Collegiate 4+ Row for the Cure.

Head Coach Patrick Sweeney was pleased with the team’s overall performance, but added that there is some obvious work to do with it being so early in the season.

“The women rowed well and executed as asked,” Sweeney said. “It was a good first outing although we obviously have a lot of work to do.”

Competing against strong competition in the Women’s Collegiate 8+, the Wildcats Collegiate 8A and 8B boats finished in 7th and 9th respectively (15:20.849, 15:38.916). The 8A, captained by senior Meggie Murray, finished only a little over two seconds off a top-5 time of 15:18.372 by the Texas 8A boat.

Sweeney though was not pleased though with the times of Kansas 8A, who finished second, and Oklahoma 8B, who finished sixth, being altered due to them colliding on the course.

“It’s impossible to know what time is lost in a clash especially when it is a part of head racing,” said Sweeney, who added that it is a poor decision considering its effect on not only the Wildcats’ spot in the race, but also the overall Collegiate 8A final results.

With 34 boats competing, Women’s Collegiate 4+ saw K-State claim three of the top-20 positions in the race including a fifth-place finish by the Wildcats’ 4B boat. The crew of coxswain Hillary Schartz and rowers Murray, Lindsay Smith, Erin Roeser and Ashley Houser posted a time of 16:33.577. The 4A also finished strong with a 10th-place finish, clocking in at 16:44.319.

The Head of the Oklahoma also gave the Wildcat newcomers a chance to get a first taste of collegiate competition.

The Wildcats’ Novice 8A boat, consisting of coxswain Courtney Faucett and rowers Hunter Anne Postier, Kayla Brock, Mary Rose Eakes, Hannah Frith, Courtney Cooke, Ariana Thompson, Kelsey Eagleman and Kelsey Schultz, gave K-State its best overall finish of the night with a third-place finish (15:49.943).

K-State had two boats compete in the Women’s Collegiate Novice 4+. The Wildcats’ Novice 4A boat, finished a solid fourth with a mark of 17:34.783 while the 4B finished 11th in a time of 22:22.311.

Sweeney said the new rowers performed well considering the circumstances.

“The youngsters handled the pressure well,” Sweeney said. “I think they learned a lot of what the sport is about and that they can compete at a competitive level.”

The Wildcats will take a week off before finishing the fall portion of their season with a head race event in Lawrence, Kan. For more information on women’s rowing visit www.k-statesports.com.

OCU Head of the Oklahoma
K-State’s Results
Women’s Collegiate 8
7: Collegiate 8A, 15:20.849
8: Collegiate 8B, 15:38.916

Women’s Collegiate Novice 4
4: Novice 4A, 17:34.783
11: Novice 4B, 22:22.311

Women’s Collegiate 4
5: Collegiate 4B, 16:33.577
10: Collegiate 4A, 16:44.319
16: Collegiate 4C, 16:59.318
21: Collegiate 4D, 17:13.540
27: Collegiate 4E, 17:59.702

Women’s Novice 8
3: Novice 8A, 15:49.943

K-State Boatings
Collegiate 8A
C Hillary Schartz
8 Meggie Murray
7 Lindsay Smith
6 Erin Roeser
5 Ashley Houser
4 Brittany Long
3 Ally Franken
2 Madi Haney
1 Aly Bronder

Collegiate 8B
C Kara Omo
8 Natalie Greene
7 Beth DeMars
6 Chelsea Goble
5 Abby Weaver
4 Lindsey Schmeidler
3 Jessica Kuhlman
2 Laura Baumgartner
1 Emily Elliott

Novice 4A
C Rebecca Renteria
4 Hunter Anne Postier
3 Kayla Brock
2 Mary Rose Eakes
1 Hannah Frith

Novice 4B
C Courtney Faucett
4 Courtney Cooke
3 Ariana Thompson
2 Kelsey Eagleman
1 Kelsey Schultz

Collegiate 4A
C Hillary Schartz
4 Meggie Murray
3 Lindsay Smith
2 Erin Roeser
1 Ashley Houser

Collegiate 4B
C Meaghan Kuzmich
4 Jennifer Smisek
3 Hayley Harvey
2 Ally Franken
1 Lacey Reifschneider

Collegiate 4C
C Kara Omo
4 Aly Bronder
3 Madi Haney
2 Brittany Long
1 Emily Elliott

Collegiate 4D
C Rachael Plotas
4 Natalie Greene
3 Noelle Dykmann
2 Katie Mulich
1 Kelsey Harlow

Collegiate 4E
C Rebecca Renteria
4 Chelsea Goble
3 Abby Weaver
2 Jessica Kuhlman
1 Lindsey Schmeidler

Novice 8A
C Courtney Faucett
8 Hunter Anne Postier
7 Kayla Brock
6 Mary Rose Eakes
5 Hannah Frith
4 Courtney Cooke
3 Ariana Thompson
2 Kelsey Eagleman
1 Kelsey Schultz