Varsity Boats Excel at Jayhawk Jamboree

Oct. 20, 2013

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K-State AthleticsMANHATTAN, Kan. – K-State Women’s Rowing finished off the fall portion of its season on the Kansas River with strong performances from both its Varsity 8 and Varsity 4 boats at the Jayhawk Jamboree. The Wildcats sent a total 12 boats into competition with at least one boat finishing in the top-5 of every race.

Head coach Patrick Sweeney said he was overall encouraged by the performance put in by his rowing squad. With fall competition normally focusing on working in experience before a long winter of training, Sweeney said the team as a whole accomplished plenty in today’s race despite not placing first in any of the four events.  

“The main thing is we got to look at different combinations which were helpful in our progress towards looking at the boats for the springtime,” Sweeney said. “It was productive, not successful by winning everything, but overall it was good racing four our team.”

In the Women’s Varsity 8, K-State’s Varsity 8A gave the Wildcats one of their best finishes of the day with a second-place showing behind Kansas with a time of 15.58.04. The boat consisting of coxswain Hillary Schartz and rowers Meggie Murray, Lindsay Smith, Erin Roeser, Abby Weaver, Allison Dorau, Brittany Long, Aly Bronder and Ashley Houser, was one of only two boats competing out of a field of 13 to finish with a time under 16 minutes. The Wildcats’ other boat competing in the race, the Varsity 8B, finished sixth with a time of 16:42.92.

Sweeney said he was extremely happy with the varsity rowers, who had seniors Allison Tuxhorn and Dorau back in competition for the first time this season.

“They raced well,” Sweeney said. “I’m really pleased with where they’re at, they rowed well.”

Sweeney said that the team as a whole has “room for improvement,” citing the team underrating their opponents, which he described as rowing fewer strokes per minute than the competition. He said this isn’t a cause for concern, but rather something the team can work on in the winter months as they prepare for sprints.

“With the type of training we have been doing, we’ve been holding down the rates,” Sweeney said. “Rather we’ve been working on the length and rhythm of the rowing and not at a high pace.

“I’m quite happy with that in the fall time; we can get it right in the spring time and go faster.”

According to Sweeney, the optimal stroke rate for the Wildcats to be effective is around 34 to 36 strokes per minute. The Wildcats’ coach said at this time of year he aims for the team to be around 28 strokes, which is where they stand as a unit right now.

In the Women’s Varsity 4, K-State had three boats finish in the top-5 with the Varsity 4B boat (18:18.71) placing second behind Tulsa’s 4A boat. The Wildcats’ 4C, 4A boats finished fourth (18:33.36) and fifth (18:36.24), while the 4D and 4E boats finished in 11th (19:27.95) and 12th (19:36.20), respectively.  

Coming off a strong showing at the Head of the Oklahoma, the novice rowers rowed with some different combinations today in Lawrence. The newcomers’ best performances were by the Novice 8B, which finished fourth with a time of 18:24.04 in the Novice 8 race, and the Novice 4B, which also finished fourth in its race with a time of 18:40.87.

For this being the first event held by Kansas in nearly a decade, Sweeney said Jayhawk Jamboree had a great competitive, yet relaxed, atmosphere. Competing against conference opponents in Tulsa and Kansas was a huge plus as well for the coach as well.      
“This was a nice little event to go to,” Sweeney said. “The weather was perfect, the water was good and having KU and Tulsa made it good racing.

“It was very good for competition at this time of the year.”

K-State rowing now shifts its attention to the winter for training and its annual training camp in January. With the Intercollegiate Rowing Center set to be dedicated this Friday in Manhattan, the Wildcats will have an offseason hopefully unaffected by weather. For more information on today’s race and the IRC Dedication, visit

Jayhawk Jamboree
K-State’s Results
Women’s Varsity 8
2: Varsity 8A, 15:58.04
6: Varsity 8B, 16:42.92

Women’s Novice 8
4: Novice 8B, 18:24.04
7: Novice 8A, 18:42.08

Women’s Varsity 4
2: Varsity 4B, 18:18.71
4: Varsity 4C, 18:33.36
5: Varsity 4A, 18:36.24
12: Varsity 4D, 19:27.95
13: Varsity 4E, 19:36.60

Women’s Novice 4
4: Novice 4B, 18:40.87
6: Novice 4A, 18:57.39
8: Novice 4C, 19:55.89

K-State Boatings
Varsity 8A
C Hillary Schartz
8 Meggie Murray
7 Lindsay Smith
6 Erin Roeser
5 Abby Weaver
4 Allison Dorau
3 Brittany Long
2 Aly Bronder
1 Ashley Houser

Varsity 8B
C Kara Omo
8 Natalie Greene
7 Beth DeMars
6 Chelsea Goble
5 Madi Haney
4 Lindsey Schmeidler
3 Lacey Reifschneider
2 Laura Baumgartner
1 Emily Elliott

Novice 8A
C Rachael Plotas
8 Hunter Anne Postier
7 Kayla Brock
6 Courtney Cooke
5 Noelle Dykmann
4 Victoria Floyd
3 Hannah Frith
2 Regan Bartels
1 Marissa Butrum

Novice 8B
C Kristen Murry
8 Kelsey Eagleman
7 Kelsey Schultz
6 Mary Rose Eakes
5 Ariana Thompson
4 Katie Mulich
3 Kelsey Harlow
2 Chloe Weston
1 Rebecca Raetzel

Varsity 4A
C Kara Omo
4 Erin Roeser
3 Abby Weaver
2 Ashley Houser
1 Aly Bronder

Varsity 4B
C Hillary Schartz
4 Meggie Murray
3 Lindsay Smith
2 Allison Dorau
1 Brittany Long

Varsity 4C
C Meaghan Kuzmich
4 Jennifer Smisek
3 Hayley Harvey
2 Lacey Reifschneider
1 Ally Franken

Varsity 4D
C Rebecca Renteria
4 Natalie Greene
3 Beth DeMars
2 Chelsea Goble
1 Madi Haney

Varsity 4E
C Courtney Faucett
4 Lindsey Schmeidler
3 Allison Tuxhorn
2 Laura Baumgartner
1 Emily Elliott

Novice 4A
C Rebecca Renteria
4 Hunter Anne Postier
3 Kayla Brock
2 Courtney Cooke
1 Noelle Dykmann

Novice 4B
C Courtney Faucett
4 Kelsey Eagleman
3 Kelsey Schultz
2 Mary Rose Eakes
1 Ariana Thompson
Novice 4C
C Rachael Plotas
4 Katie Mulich
3 Hannah Frith
2 Victoria Floyd
1 Kelsey Harlow