Wildcats Advance to Grand Final

MANHATTAN, Kan. Kansas State’s First Varsity Eight and First Novice Eight both finished second in their respective races to advance to the Grand Final for the second straight season at the San Diego Crew Classic.


The 1V8+ crossed the finish line with a time of 6:59.00, three seconds behind first place UC Davis (6:55.40) and 15 seconds ahead of third place Lehigh (7:14.04).  West Virginia finished fourth and Chapman and Claremont placed fifth and sixth respectively.  “The 1V8+ had a great race,” said head coach Patrick Sweeney.  “They really put everything together well, it was great to see.  We worked really hard over Spring Break to gain a good 15 seconds of speet.  Today we proved that we have indeed gained that, and are right where we want to be at for this time of the season.  We can build on this race, with the confidence and experience we gained today.”


The First Varsity Eight will advance to the Grand Final on Sunday, April 1.  The field that Wildcats face for the Cal Cup crown is: St. Mary’s, St. Joseph’s, SUNY Buffalo, Temple and UC Davis.  “It will be a tough race.  We have to put together another great performance and take the next step,” said Sweeney.


Last year the K-State First Varsity Eight came home with second place in the Women’s Cal Cup event, beaten to the tape by amere three seconds by Miami.


The 1N8+ finished one second ahead of USC (7:34.88) for a second place finish with a time of 7:33.07.  Cal (7:27.70) won the heat and will join K-State in the Grand Final on Sunday.  “I am glad we were able to hold of USC to take second,” said Sweeney.  “The Grand Final will have some very fast crews, we will have to perform better than we did today if we want to be in there with them.”


The Second Varsity Eight posted a time of 7:15.54 in the Women’s JV competition.  The Wildcats finished fifth behind USC, Oregon State, Cal and Miami.  The 2V8+ advances to the Petite Final on Sunday, competing for places seventh through 12th.


Both First Varsity Eight and First Novice Eight will advance to the Grand Final on Sunday, April 1.  The 1V8+ will compete against St. Mary’s, St. Joseph’s, SUNY Buffalo, Temple and UC Davis while the 1N8+ will take on Cal, Oregon State, Washington State, UCLA and Stanford.


Complete race results and schedule for the San Diego Crew Classic can be accessed at: www.crewclassic.org.  During racing there is also a live video/audio feed of the action on the Crew Classic website. 



Saturday, March 31

1V8: 1. UC Davis (6:55.40), 2. Kansas State (6:59.00), 3. Lehigh (7:14.04), 4. West Virginia (7:19.98), 5. Chapman (7:35.99), 6. Claremont (8:18.98)

2V8: 1. USC (6:50.17), 2. Oregon State (6:52.16), 3. Cal (6:55.01), 4. Miami (7:09.88), 5. Kansas State (7:15.54), 6. USD (7:48.19)

1N8: 1. Cal (7:27.70), 2. Kansas State (7:33.07), 3. USC (7:34.88), 4. Santa Clara (7:58.00), 5. St. Joseph’s (7:59.91), 6. UCSB (8:29.27), 7. Chapman (8:40.26)