K-State's Second Varsity 8+ Pull Through at Classic

SAN DIEGO, Calif. After both Varsity 8+ squads advanced to the finals of the San Diego Crew Classic on Saturday, the Wildcat boats closed out the competition on Sunday with the Second Varsity 8+ finishing eighth overall in the Collegiate Women’s JV 8+.


Competing in the Petite Final, K-State took the runner-up position after a hard fought battle with Louisville over the length of the course. The Cardinals won the Petite Final by less than seconds, while K-State earned wins over Purdue, San Diego, St. Joseph’s and San Diego State.


The Cats came off the starting line well and hit a good hard rhythm. The entire field of six boats was overlapping for the first 1000 meters. K-State and Louisville pushed hard to open up a bit of a gap on the rest of the pack over the next 500 meters. The Wildcats’ final push could not keep pace with the Cardinals, but was enough to hold off the rest of the crews.


“I am really pleased with the 2V’s progress this weekend,” head coach Pat Sweeney said. “They put together two good races back-to-back and showed good fight and determination.”


In the Grand Final of the Sam Adams/Mesa Distributing Cup, the First Varsity 8+ boat of K-State placed sixth. The Wildcats finished with a less than three-second margin between them and fifth-place finisher San Diego State. UC-Davis edged out San Diego by one second for the cup win. The Wildcats struggled to find aggression and speed and found themselves at the back of the field.


“After a good showing yesterday, it was a disappointing race today,” Sweeney said. “We have the physical capabilities, but this crew still lacks the commitment necessary to push themselves and be competitive at the top level.”


The Wildcats will next return to familiar territory as K-State will take on Kansas for the Kansas Cup. The event will take place on Sat., April 12th, in Kansas City, Kan., at Wyandotte County Lake.


San Diego Crew Classic Results


Women’s Collegiate JV

Petite Final: 1. Louisville 6:41.8, 2. Kansas State 6:48.08, 3. Purdue 6:50.41, 4. San Diego 6:52.84, 5. St. Joseph’s 6:53.82, 6. San Diego State 6:55.14


Women’s Cal Cup

Grand Final: 1. UC-Davis 6:48.30, 2. San Diego 6:49.39, 3. SUNY Buffalo 6:51.41, 4. Sacramento State 6:53.96, 5. San Diego State 6:59.30, 6. Kansas State 7:02.15



Women’s Cal Cup

Heat B: 1. San Diego State 6:46.01, 2. Kansas State 6:51.26, 3. Temple 6:53.73, 4. Lehigh 6:57.77, 5. Villanova 6:59.38, 6. St. Joseph’s 7:04.41, 7. Arizona State 7:20.17


Women’s Collegiate JV

Heat A: 1. USC 6:40.40, 2. Washington State 6:43.18, 3. Clemson 6:47.95, 4. Louisville 6:50.96, 5. Kansas State 6:52.03, 6. San Diego 7:01.76, 7. Sacramento State 7:04.75