Wildcats Advance Teams to A Finals in Tennessee

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. During the first day of the Southern IRA regatta, the Kansas State rowers had three boats advance to the A Finals on Sunday, including both Varsity Eight squads. Each of the Varsity boats had solid finishes that placed them in the top two of their respective heats, while the Second Varsity 8+ paced their heat by a wide margin.


“It is great to have three boats in the A Finals,” head coach Pat Sweeney said. “They should all be close races. We will see if we can come out and race well.”


The Second Varsity 8+ finished in a time of 7:00.60 to complete the course nearly four seconds ahead of Tulsa, who notched a time of 7:04.52. K-State also outraced SMU, Alabama and Ohio to advance.


The First Varsity 8+ team qualified for the A Final after placing second in their heat with a time of 6:38.55. SMU outlasted the Wildcats with a two-second win over KSU, while the Cats placed ahead of Grand Valley and Tulsa.


Also earning a place in the A Final on Sunday was the Wildcat Novice 8+ team. The group finished second in their heat with a time of 7:13.67 to defeat Grand Valley, Alabama, Kansas, Louisville and Purdue.


K-State’s Novice 4+ squad placed third with a time of 8:46.22 to advance to the day’s AB semifinal. Less than one second separated K-State from Davidson, who finished second in the preliminary run. During the AB semifinal, K-State raced to a fourth place finish with a time of 8:42.98. The finish earned the Wildcats a place in Sunday’s B Final.


For complete results of the Southern IRA, please visit the Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association’s website at www.siraregatta.com.  A complete recap of Wildcat events will be posted at www.kstatesports.com.


Saturday Results

N4+ Heats: 1. Ohio State (8:45.90), 2. Davidson (8:45.95), 3. Kansas State (8:46.22), 4. Tampa (8:47.40), 5. NSU-La. (8:51.32), 6. Vanderbilt (9:29.80)

N4+ A/B Semifinals: 1. Marrietta (8:19.60), 2. Alabama (8:26.14), 3. Stetson (8:31.01), 4. Kansas State (8:42.98), 5. SMU (8:50.05), 6. Ohio State (8:53.63)

N8+ A/B Semifinals: 1. Grand Valley (7:12.60), 2. Kansas State (7:13.67), 3. Alabama (7:16.44), 4. Kansas 2N (7:19.22)

2V8+ A/B Semifinals: 1. Kansas State (7:00.60), 2. Tulsa (7:04.52), 3. SMU (7:07.67), 4. Alabama (7:09.36), 5. Ohio (8:22.24)

1V8+ A/B Semifinals: 1. SMU (6:36.50), 2. Kansas State (6:38.55), 3. Grand Valley (6:43.14), 4. Tulsa (6:59.95)


Sunday Schedule

8:40. N4+ B Final (places 7-12): K-State, Clemson, Jacksonville, SMU, Ohio State, Davidson

10:58 N8+ A Final (places 1-6):  K-State, Grand Valley, Kansas, Louisville, Alabama, Purdue

11:12 2V8+ A Final (places 1-6); K-State, Purdue, Tulsa, Kansas, SMU, Ohio State

12:30 1V8+ A Final (places 1-6): K-State, Purdue, SMU, Alabama, Kansas, Grand Valley