Varsity Boats Finish Second in Austin

AUSTIN, Texas Kansas State pushed Tri-Meet titlist Texas to the end, but fell short in the two varsity races as the Wildcats took second in the First and Second Varsity 8+ competitions. The Longhorns took the crown at the event featuring the three Big 12 programs of Kansas, Kansas State and Texas, winning for the seventh-consecutive year. Texas took race wins in four of the six that took place Saturday from Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas.


“Both Varsity boats again took a step forward showing mental and physical toughness against a strong Texas team,” head coach Pat Sweeney said. “I was pleased with their aggression and focus and also excited to hear that both boats feel they have more speed to find. This is a good place to be at this time of the season.”


In a tight competition, K-State pushed the Longhorns to the end in the First Varsity 8+ race. The Wildcats got off to a quick start as all three crews were level through the first 200 meters. As they shifted into their race pace, the Cats opened up a three-seat margin over the Jayhawks, while Texas inched slightly ahead. Over the middle 1,000 meters, Texas maintained a four to six seat lead over the Cats, while Kansas fell back by a boat length. In the final sprint, K-State could not catch the Longhorns and crossed the line overlapping decks. At the horn, the Cats had open water on the Jayhawks.


With never more than two seats separating the crews, K-State nearly took the win in the Second Varsity 8+ race. In this exciting tussle, the Wildcats had an aggressive rhythm and fought Texas every stroke of the way. As the crews approached the final 200 meters the Cats mounted an attack and were closing on the Longhorns. Texas stood its ground to cross the line first.


The Wildcat First Novice 8+ crew opened the morning of racing for K-State and finished third in their race. Off the start the Cats attacked their in-state rivals and were even with Kansas up to the 500-meter mark. With Texas taking a comfortable lead through the middle 1,000 meters, Kansas squeezed out to a four-seat advantage over the Cats.  The Cats raced hard, but as they moved into the last 500 meters they ran out of steam.


K-State’s season will continue with the championship circuit as the Wildcats travel to the NCAA Central/South Regionals in two weeks. For complete coverage of K-State rowing, please visit


Saturday Results

2N4: 1. Texas A’ 7:52.9, 2. Kansas 8:02.0, 3. Texas B’ 8:06.0

2N8: 1. Kansas 7:01.2, 2. Texas 7:12.6

1N8: 1. Texas 6:54.8, 2. Kansas 6:59.7, 3. Kansas State 7:13.3

1V4: 1. Kansas 7:39.0, 2. Texas 7:42.7

2V8: 1. Texas 6:37.9, 2. Kansas State 6:40.0, 3. Kansas 6:52.4

1V8: 1. Texas 6:40.7, 2. Kansas State 6:44.4, 3. Kansas 6:49.0