Novice Eight Advances to Grand Final

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. Racing against some of the nation’s top crews, the Kansas State women’s rowing team advanced to the grand final in the Novice Eight race at the 2007 NCAA Central/South Region Sprints at Melton Hill Lake in Oak Ridge, Tenn.  The Second Varsity Eight will advance to the C Final and the First Varsity Eight will race in the D Final.


K-State’s N8+ crossed the line 10 seconds ahead of second place Kansas in heat-3 to advance to the A/B semifinal.  The Wildcats picked up where they left off and edged out Big 10 Champion Michigan by two seconds and Notre Dame by eight seconds.  K-State will battle Michigan State, Michigan, Virginia, Wisconsin and Notre Dame in the Grand Final on Sunday at 10:52 a.m.


“This is an exciting time for our program as this is the first K-State boat to make the Grand Final at Central Regionals,” said head coach Patrick Sweeney.  “Tomorrows final will be a very tough race against an extremely competitive field.”


Meanwhile, K-State’s 2V8+ moved on to the C Final after finishing second in the C/D semifinals.  The semifinal race was one of the closest events of the day, as Indiana beat K-State to the tape by a mere 1.5 seconds.  The Wildcats crossed the line five tenths of a second ahead of Texas and one second ahead of Cincinnati in the semifinals.  K-State put together an impressive sprint in the last 300 meters, overtaking both Cincinnati and Texas with the effort.  The Wildcats will race against Kansas, Iowa, Indiana, Miami and Texas at 10 a.m. on Sunday in the C Final.


The First Varsity Eight placed fourth in the C/D semifinal and will race in the D final on Sunday at 9:20 a.m. against Eastern Michigan, Cincinnati, SMU and Murray State.


“This year we have struggled to find the right combination for the 1V8+,” said Sweeney.  “Although our other boats have been able to achieve good results, it just has not happened for our 1V8+ this year, no matter who we put in the boat.  We have even shuffled them a bit since Big 12 Championships in the hope of finding something that would click.”


Complete race results for the NCAA Central Regionals can be accessed at: or



Saturday, May 12

Novice 8+ (Heat 3): 1. Kansas State (7:08.90), 2. Kansas (7:18.00), 3. Iowa (7:23.35), 4. Indiana (7:32.71), 5. Eastern Michigan (7:48.79)

Second Varsity 8+ (Heat 1): 1. Virginia (6:46.60), 2. Louisville (6:54.66), 3. UCF (7:00.25), 4. Miami (7:05.74), 5. Kansas State (7:11.41)

First Varsity 8+ (Heat 2): 1. Virginia (6:37.90), 2. UCF (6:46.63), 3. Duke (6:52.22), 4. Miami (6:57.39), 5. Kansas State (7:06.05), 6. Murray State (7:13.15)


Novice 8+ (A/B Semifinal): 1. Kansas State (7:08.90), 2. Michigan (7:10.04), 3. Notre Dame (7:16.94), 4. Clemson “A” (7:22.74), 5. Iowa (7:28.99), 6 Ohio State (7:29.28)

Second Varsity 8+ (C/D Semifinal): 1. Indiana (7:13.70), 2. Kansas State (7:15.20), 3. Texas (7:15.71), 4. Cincinnati (7:16.43)

First Varsity 8+ (C/D Semifinal): 1. Iowa (7:11.70), 2. Kansas (7:17.68), 3. North Carolina (7:20.66), 4. Kansas State (7:26.20), 5. SMU (7:26.75)


Sunday, May 13

9:20 a.m. First Varsity 8+ (D Final): K-State, Eastern Michigan, Cincinnati, SMU, Murray State

10 a.m. Second Varsity 8+ (C Final): K-State, Kansas, Iowa, Indiana, Miami, Texas

10:50 a.m. Novice 8+ (Grand Final): K-State, Michigan State, Michigan, Virginia, Wisconsin, Notre Dame