Wildcat Rowers Advance to Sunday Finals

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. On the opening day of the 2008 Aramark Sprints/Central and South NCAA Region Championships, the three Kansas State boats moved to Sunday finals in Oak Ridge, Tenn. The Wildcats, competing for the second time this season at the Milton Hill Lake, will take part in the B Final of the Novice 8+ and the C Finals of the First and Second Varsity 8+.


The Novice 8 boat opened the morning for K-State and, with their performance, moved on to the Repechage. During their Repachage race later in the afternoon, the Wildcats had a more aggressive rhythm and gained a spot in the B Finals.  


K-State Second Varsity 8+ raced well in a very strong field in their heat. The Cats came up just short of qualifying for the A/B semifinals. In the afternoon, the Wildcats jumped out to an early lead and garnered the semifinal victory with the fastest qualifying time for the C Final.


“I am quite pleased with how the 2V continues to race to its potential this season and gains good results,” head coach Pat Sweeney said.


The Wildcat First Varsity 8+ struggled to find its rhythm and pace in its morning heat. During the C/D Semifinals in the afternoon, the K-State boat came back with more focus and earned a spot in the C Final.


“This crew is searching for consistency of how to perform at a high level and to maintain the intensity needed to succeed,” Sweeney said. “Hopefully they are learning from this, as most of the boat will be back next year.”


K-State will continue Regional action on Sunday with the finals occurring from 9-10 a.m. Possible storms in the area have caused race times to be altered. A recap of Saturday’s events will be posted at www.kstatesports.com, while results can be found at www.orra.org.


Saturday Results

Novice 8+: 1. Wisconsin 6:48.70, 2. Virginia 6:56.01, 3. Clemson 7:05.60, 4. North Carolina 7:08.32, 5. Michigan 7:08.50, 6. Kansas 7:11.00, 7. Kansas State 7:33.47

Second Varsity 8+: 1. Virginia 6:36.20, 2. Louisville 6:44.16, 3. Clemson 6:48.45, 4. Kansas State 6:55.84, 5. Kansas 7:04.24

First Varsity 8+: 1. Virginia 6:32.50, 2. Wisconsin 6:40.34, 3. Clemson 6:46.51, 4. Miami 6:52.25, 5. Kansas State 7:03.98


Novice 8+ Repechages: 1. Clemson 7:12.90, 2. Ohio State 7:13.98, 3. Iowa 7:22.47, 4. Michigan 7:23.01, 5. Kansas State 7:31.68, 6. North Carolina 7:36.69

Second Varsity 8+ C/D Semifinals: 1. Kansas State 7:08.20, 2. Indiana 7:11.35, 3. Miami 7:16.77, 4. North Carolina 7:25.25

First Varsity 8+ C/D Semifinals: 1. Indiana 6:53.60, 2. Duke 7:01.15, 3. Kansas State 7:05.77, 4. SMU 7:11.86, 5. Eastern Michigan 7:16.43


Sunday Schedule

9:42 a.m.: First Varsity 8+ C Final

9:56 a.m.: Second Varsity 8+ C Final

10:31 a.m.: Novice 8+ B Final