K-State Novice Eight Wins Head of the Iowa

IOWA CITY, Iowa For the second straight year the Kansas State women’s rowing team claimed the Novice Eight title at the Head of the Iowa Regatta Sunday.


The Wildcats’ top Novice boat comprised of coxswain Gina Raymonde, Shannon Carle, Nicole Vogt, Kris Richman, Emily Boswell, Jessica Layden, Baylee Lehmann, Kylie Hanson and Lanee Webb, turned in a winning-time of 15:07.29 finishing ahead of Big Ten Conference powerhouse Wisconsin and the host Iowa.  K-State also won the Novice 8+ race at the Head of the Oklahoma Regatta on Oct. 1. 


Kansas State’s remaining two boats in the Women’s Novice 8+ event finished a strong 12th (16:11.80) and 27th (17:31.75), in a field of 36 boats.


“We are quite pleased with the Novice 8 again claiming the title,” Head coach Patrick Sweeney said.  “They raced well amongst tough competition.  Both the first and second Novice boats had good performances.”


In the Women’s Open 8+ race, K-State placed its two boats in the top-15.  The Wildcats “A” boat finished 10th with a time of 15:17.59, while “B” boat crossed the line 13th with a time of 15:44.51.  Competing in head race format, each team started the race one after another, with 15-second intervals between each entry. The team that completed the course in the best time took home a first-place medal.


“The first Varsity boat was a little disappointing today,” said Sweeney. “Although we had good technique it was not raced aggressively.  You just cannot give up five strokes per minute to your competition, especially in this tough field.”


The Wildcats close out their fall season hosting the annual Sunflower Showdown against in-state rival Kansas scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 11 at Tuttle Creek Lake Reservoir in Manhattan.



Oct. 29, 2005

at Iowa City, Iowa



1. Kansas State (A), 15:07.29, 2. Wisconsin (A), 15:10.42, 3. Iowa (A), 15:23.16, 4. Wisconsin (D), 15:33.62, 5. Iowa (B), 15:35.45, 6. Wisconsin (E), 15:37.60, 7. Colorado (A), 15:46.97, 8. Iowa (C), 15:48.34, 9. Grand Valley (B), 16:04.37, 10. Kansas (A), 16:08.74, 13. Kansas State (B), 16:19.32, 27. Kansas State (C), 17:31.75.



1. Minnesota (A), 14:21.35, 2. Iowa (A), 14:44.64, 3. Minnesota (B), 14:56.91, 4. Minnesota (C), 14:59.91, 5. Cincinnati (A), 15:00.92, 6. Iowa (B), 15:08.72, 7. Kansas (A), 15:10.98, 8. Wisconsin (B), 15:11.21, 9. Grand Valley (B), 15:17.22, 10. Kansas State (A), 15:44.51, 13. Kansas State (B), 15:44.51.