Sept. 10, 2013 - Tulsa vs. K-State Post-Match Quotes

Sept. 10, 2013

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Head Coach Suzie Fritz
On handling adversity because of the seniors…
“I think it has a lot to do with it. When you have been there before, you understand. We talked a lot about it to them. It is not matter of if; it is a matter of when. So sometimes things just are not going your way, but you have to be an optimist. You have to think at some point in time you are going to be able to turn it around, you are going to be who you are, and you are going to play like you are capable of playing. I do not think we played to our capabilities, but sometimes you have to win ugly, too. You have to play clean and effortless at sometimes, and then other times there is just struggle that goes along with it. We struggled through it a little bit.”

On Natali Jones helping gain momentum
“Volleyball is very much a momentum game, probably as much as you will ever see. There are some natural ebbs and flows, point changes, and momentum changes that happen naturally when you play. The best teams manage those momentum changes at a high level. They use those opportunities. Two back-to-back kills by Natali combined with another block; that is a three point turn for us. They use those opportunities for momentum to build confidence, to build optimism in their ability to score the next point. You will never feel like you are in rhythm for the entire course of the game.“

On Kaitlynn Pelger’s play in the match
“She is an outstanding slide hitter. The other thing that she is doing, she is carrying a significant amount for us from a passing perspective. You don’t see a number of teams that play a middle[blocker] at six rotations, but it is not just that. It is all the things that she does for us like playing second contact and managing the first one. She is doing a lot for her team.“

Junior Middle Blocker Natali Jones

On getting back-to-back kills…
It is definitely a momentum game and I feel like we had the momentum at that point. We just kept going with it.”

On the team’s next road trip…
“It has been kind of a grind. We have been playing a lot of games. We are a little bit tired; we started out slow tonight but I feel like we are getting in there and improving every set. I think if we keep doing that and we will get better.”

Senior Outside Hitter Courtney Traxson

On what the team looks to improve upon…
“Just our offense. We need to keep improving on offense and kill more balls. I think that we need to get started a little bit sooner. We kind of gave up that first match in the beginning, but I think just getting a better start. We are good at five game matches, so I think we can outlast them, but it is nicer to get it done in three.”

On getting more kills…
“We have a pretty good passing percentage right now. It is mostly hitting, seeing the block and making good shots. We are not high errors, so it is not like we are making mistakes. We just need to be more terminal.”