Oct. 2, 2013 - Kansas vs. K-State Post-Match Quotes

Oct. 2, 2013

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Kansas vs. K-State

Post-Match Quotes

Head Coach Suzie Fritz

On turning around the team from their first two Big 12 losses…..

“We are a different team then how we started the season.  Now we are asking more of some players, and they are being asked to take on more responsibility then they had in [nonconference].  We are adjusting to that and trying to do it as quick as possible.  It is about improvement, and we were significantly improved tonight.  The first two games were very tight.  We feel very good about the direction we are going in.”

On nerves and tension in the Sunflower Showdown…

“I do not pay any attention to that kind of stuff.  We are trying to win games and play as well as we can play.  Did we want to win the game against KU? Yes, but more importantly we are trying to play well; we are trying to play with more consistency.  Kansas is a very good volleyball team; they may be the best team they have had since I have been at Kansas State.”

On Kansas’ volleyball team…

“They are very productive. Their first-team offense is highly productive.  They have several .300 hitters that we are contending with. Their balance and distribution is very even.  They do not let you gang up on one or two of them. They earn a lot of their points.”

On Kansas State’s offensive production…

“We simply have to be more offensively productive.  We have to find ways to get kills.  This is something we have identified early on that we need to get more kill production.  We are working towards this goal.” 

Senior Outside Hitter Courtney Traxson

On making plays in the first and second sets…

“I think everyone comes in with that mindset that they want to kill the ball. When it’s not going our way, we can get one of those momentum builder plays whether it’s me or someone else to get it back on our side to get a little bit of confidence built. I think everyone is working for that. It’s just kind of who can get the set and who can use that block on the other side.”

On the momentum shift after a big run…

“As soon as you get one of those big plays, you can see everyone get uplifted.  We all feel that moment and move on the next point hoping for the same [result].”

Junior Middle Blocker Taylor Johnson

On how difficult it was to maintain the block with the fast pace offense…

“KU has some great hitters out there. You see a great double-quick team, which is something we have not seen all year.  I mean it takes time. I feel like we adapted and got better towards the end and did what we could with it, but we gave up some good plays.”

On what could have gone better to win the close sets…

“Basically it’s our first swing offense. Their numbers were a lot better than ours but it’s got to say a lot that we were down by two points from winning the game. Their numbers are just better than ours.  Overall as a team, we came together, and from this loss, we can get better and get our numbers up."