Postgame Quotes

Oct. 3, 2012

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Kansas State Coach and Player Quotes
Head Coach Suzie Fritz
On the match…
“I felt good about that one. I thought we played really well. I told myself I’m going to enjoy it for the next 15 minutes. I thought we played extremely well. Coach Grove and Coach Hulsmeyer had a nice plan in terms of areas we felt like we could attack and did a tremendous job of executing those things. We felt like we had to contain No. 2 (Mackenzie Bigbee). We did such a good job, we got her subbed out of the match, which I think is good. She has been leading their team in kills. We did a nice job of touching and controlling quick. I thought we ball handed really well, played tremendous defense and at times we put a lot of pressure on them with our serve. There was a little bit of instability in our passing game, but almost in every area of the game I thought we played well, and in some areas I thought we played great.”

On the comeback in the second set …
“It was that instability in our ball handling. That is what was getting away from us, but once we settled down and started to get back in our rhythm, we were able to regain composure, but that happens. Volleyball is very much a game of ebbs and flows. There are times when you can give up three and four points, but you have to chip away and keep chopping wood and try and find a way to get yourself back in it. We played with really nice composure although we were down.”

On who stood out the most…
“I think Tristan McCarty played great defense. She made some really key plays for us in the middle back that I thought were huge. I thought she passed extraordinarily well. Kaitlynn Pelger of course had a tremendous night. We had every hitter over .280 and that is a good night for us. We were rolling along and hit .400 as a team. Our offensive balance was such that I can not say there is one person that really stood out. We diversified the offense and we got a lot of people involved. I thought Caitlyn Donahue did a nice job because she got everybody involved and gave us some good swings.”

Junior Middle Blocker Kaitlynn Pelger
On a memorable win …
“It was a great win, they are a great team. We came out and had a game plan. We did it and we played great. We started off the beginning of the week working on them and ourselves. We did exactly what we wanted to. ”

On hitting a .632 in first set …
“We were rolling.( Caitlyn ) Donahue was giving us everything we needed. Our passing was great, and we were winning the serve and pass battle with them and it felt really good.”

On comeback win in second set….
“We always have fight in us and we always talk about working hard and staying together. There were a few plays in there where we got it together and slowed the game down, catching them off-guard, and we were able to pull it together and string some points in that game.”

Senior Middle Blocker Alex Muff
On coming back from behind during the second set…..
“I think it was really key for us when we got down there and had to work our way back up. We are a team that sometimes gets in ruts, so it was a good sign for us to be able to work our way out of it and find a way to win that set.”

On preparation for Iowa State….
“Our coaches prepared us really well and we were really excited from the get-go. I think we were well prepared and knowing what they were going to throw at us, so there were not any surprises. We were ready for just about anything they were going to throw at us. Overall we were well prepared and executed well.”