Nov. 3, 2013 - Post-Match Quotes

Nov. 3, 2013

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No. 25 Oklahoma vs. K-State

Post-Match Quotes


Head Coach Suzie Fritz

On the teams overall performance tonight….

“I thought we played extremely well in a lot of areas; in particular the areas we have been spending a lot of time on in practice.  I think more than anything I was proud of the way we fought.  We played to win every single point. That is the team we need to be and the team they are capable of being.  First match of the second half of the season, and we have every intention of improving and being the team we are capable of being.”

On K-State’s offensive aggression tonight….

“It is so much more than being aggressive. There are a variety of ways to kill the ball.  There is a rhythm to it: the relationship between the passers and the setter, the relationship between the setter and the hitter.  I think we are getting better at it as we go; everything happens in a split second so your ability to make those fast decisions is important.  Being willing to make extraordinary effort to keep the ball in play is critical. It is that play to win mentality; we saw it in our offense especially.”

On Chelsea Keating’s performance tonight….

“She was more aggressive tonight and that is starting to become her identity.  The combination of being an aggressive player and yet managing situations is a very fine line and I think she is improving.”


Senior middle blocker Kaitlynn Pelger

On what the win did for the team. . .

“I think we had a little fight in us from the get-go and we had that extra time to practice and rejuvenate our bodies a little [this week].  We have not played like we did tonight for a while and we finally got that fight back. We are playing to win every point, and we were talking after the game about how we have to go in to every single game with that fight.”

On the defense of the team. . .

“I was so impressed with our defensive effort, but we played a team that is one of the best defensive teams in the country, but we hit exactly how we wanted to hit. I am so proud of everyone and just all around: blocking, digging, passing. Katie Brand was absolutely phenomenal tonight. She put us in great situations.”


Senior outside hitter Courtney Traxson

On the aggressiveness of the offense. . .

“We set five goals for ourselves for the rest of the season and one of them is first contact and killing more balls, which we put into effect tonight. Like (Kaitlynn) Pelger said, Katie Brand put us in great situations.  The hitters were seeing the block or using the block and finding the holes.  Oklahoma is a great defensive team, so for us to hit so well is good for us.”

On the blocks on the defensive end. . .

“Chelsea Keating had multiple blocks, which is what we call a max. We try to get three hitters on the outside.  I think she was going hard all night, and we were just aggressive with our digging back there. Our blocks were setting up with what their tendencies were and we were mindful about that information.”