Postmatch Quotes

Dec. 7, 2002

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Kansas State Head Coach Suzie Fritz

Opening comments..."Those were not easy wins by any means. I thought that we were in it for most of the match. We were playing pretty good volleyball. I thought that we were for the most part handling their jump serves well. By staying consistent, we were able to push a lot quickly. I thought that we were able to adapt pretty well. I thought that these two over here- (Lisa Martin and Lauren Goehring) our quick hitters- were exceptional this evening. I thought that Gabby (Guerre) made very good choices. When it comes down to it most of the time, in volleyball, you win and lose matches on the left side. And their left side was very good, their outside hitters included. And that is where it got away from us."

On the questioning the calls..."I don't think that it takes away from the focus. If you're on a run or if you've got some momentum, then it can hurt you a little bit."

On Lauren Goehring..."I've said it before I think that she is one of the best middle blockers in the country. Her team believes in her. When we need a kill, we've gone to Lauren. People have committed to her, dropped on her, put two and three blockers on her. She is still able to push it through. I think that she is absolutely fabulous."

On defense ..."Laura Downey made an unbelievable dig late in the match. That was about as good of a play as I have ever seen. It was a very spontaneous game. Lot of off plays. People getting through the blocks. People getting a fist or a hand. At very high levels, that is what volleyball is all about. No two plays are ever alike. It's hard to prepare for that, because it's about reacting to different situations. Sometimes they go your way, sometimes they don't. I didn't at any time feel like we were playing poorly. I thought that even late in the match that we were playing pretty well. We got stuck in a rotation for a couple of points. We needed to be able to sideout right then. We needed to be able to not to let them string a couple of points together. Maybe they get one, maybe they get one or two every once in awhile. We can't let one server go back there and rattle off three points in a row. And tonight we let that happen too many times."

Lauren Goehring, Jr., MB

On the difference in the match..."They made some great defensive plays. When I expected the ball to be down, it wasn't. I know by body's feeling it. They are very tough. They are a very tough team. They made some good defensive plays. They threw the ball around a lot, they didn't make a lot of errors."

Lisa Martin, So., OH

On the last four points of the game..."They were making a lot of good decisions. They were attacking us from both sides all night long....The tips, the fill, it was those little things."

Washington State Head Coach Cindy Fredrick

Opening Statement..."It was an incredibly intense match. Coming into it, we kind of felt like we were the underdogs even though we were the top seed. We watched Kansas State play and just have a lot of respect for them. They have some great hitters and make very few mistakes, and we knew we had to play some great volleyball tonight to beat them. The crowd was quite amazing, so it is what we are used to in our own gym and so we had to overcome that. We kind of anticipated that this would be a tough win on the road."

On getting the big points ..."They did. I am really proud of my kids. Having a freshman setter out there, the job she did was just phenomenal. When we needed things, LaToya (Harris) stepped up, and when we needed the serves Victoria (Prince) stepped up and every time we needed a block, they seemed to get the block. The middles ran the slides and that's what got us the points when we really needed them as well. We have always depended on a lot of good defense and at the end, that's what came through for them. "

On Lauren Goehring..."She is a frightening hitter because she is very explosive. Every time there was a timeout and she was in the front row, I would anticipate she would get set and we looked for that. She puts the ball down hard and puts a lot of heat on the ball. We knew she would be set a lot and we knew we had an answer with LaToya and a lot of our hitters."

LaToya Harris, Sr., RS/LSOn playing in the Pac 10 ..."Eight of the Pac 10 teams advanced to the NCAA. Playing teams at that level also picks up your play as well. And being in that conference improved my play. I saw myself and my teammates growing throughout the years. Being in the Pac 10, it is just an experience that one would want to be in. I have learned so much from being in that conference and facing tough players. I have learned a lot."

On being in the second round..."Being in the second round, we just wanted to go one game at a time. Being in the second round, it's everything our seniors wanted, but we wanted to advance to the Sweet 16. Starting off, we struggled a little bit, but I had to think to myself, I had little problems at first, `You don't get a chance. This is it.' And this is my senior year and with a lot of other players on my team. We had to start right now and bring to together and pick up our play and we were successful. We just needed to come together."