World University Games Blog: Day 4

July 8, 2013

Editor's Note: This is the third entry in the World University Games Team Blog for K-State Volleyball. The Wildcats are representing Team USA at the Games in Kazan, Russia. Photos, Blogs and Videos will be posted throughout the 10-day trip from the team. Today's entry is written by sophomore Katie Reininger.

July 7 - Katie Reininger

The team can relate when I say that the seventh of July started off by sleeping through at least two alarms and being shaken awake by a fellow roommate. It was the longest sleep we had since the Fourth and the first time we were able to sleep in the past 24 hours.  But the day started off fresh as we made our way to our meal and then the buses for practice.

The drive to our practice facility was unexpectedly beautiful.  We passed by Lake Kaban; it’s a giant lake in the middle of downtown Kazan equipped with a massive fountain branching out like a fan on one end and a lovely theater at its front that our guide seemed to be most proud of. There was a local University that looked relatively new and magnificent as well. In fact, everything about Russia is magnified and grandiose, as if someone took a town like Reno, Nevada, and pulled it upwards, stretched it out wider, and spread it for miles and miles. The people, especially the women, are magnificent as well, looking as though they stepped off the cover of a Vogue Magazine and living and breathing right in front of us.

Practice was like any practice, though, which was a comfort through all the change. Fighting through the jet lag and the tired legs, we were able to play hard and prepare ourselves one last time before meeting our Polish opponents.  Finishing the night with a detailed film on Poland and a purposeful strategy on our hopeful success, we are finally living the dreams that have been in the back of our minds for months. With the sun still shining as we head off to bed, all of us feel blessed and ecstatic about the competition that is only a day away!

Katie Reininger