World University Games Blog: Day 6

Gina Madonia

July 9, 2013

Editor's Note: This is the fourth entry in the World University Games Team Blog for K-State Volleyball. The Wildcats are representing Team USA at the Games in Kazan, Russia. Photos, Blogs and Videos will be posted throughout the 10-day trip from the team. Today's entry is written by junior Gina Madonia

July 9 - Gina Madonia

What a great day to be a Wildcat! Russia is crazyyyyy. I still can’t even believe that we are here competing with so many great athletes. It truly is such a cool experience. Anyways, it is our second competition day today against the Czech Republic and no matter where we are in the world gameday is gameday. We woke up this morning, went to breakfast and then went to serve and pass. It is such an interesting and culturally stimulating drive to our practice facility. There are large buildings and fountains and other sports complexes to look at all the way there. At practice we did some serving and some passing, hence the name serve and pass, and then returned to watch film from our first match (against Poland) and prepared ourselves for what was in store for us against the Czechs. After that we went to lunch as a team, McDonald’s being the popular choice of the day, and then returned back to our living quarters once again to catch up on some homework or nap. Having a 9-hour time difference from home makes it a lot harder to fall asleep at a regular time than you might think. At 17:00 (5 p.m.), we went to eat our pre-game meal as a team and just chilled and did our pregame treatments until it was time to leave for our game at 6:40 pm (9:40 am for you).  

At 18:40 our team loaded the bus en route to St. Petersburg volleyball center. With us was the very decked out (in USA gear, flags, etc.) Men’s USA volleyball team, who came with us to cheer us on. From the moment we stepped off the bus, we knew what we had to do to. As a team we looked good (in our blue jerseys) and felt good (ready to play with this Czech team). As soon as we took the floor, the support was eminent. We had locals as well as other American teams there cheering us on. The first game was a good indication of what we were going to see for the next two games as well. We ended up losing but we responded in a way that we are proud of. In the second game we had a lead mainly because of our net play. It was AWESOME… THREE STUFF BLOCKS IN A ROW! UNREAL!!!  Even though we lost, we played well and felt good going into the third game. Unfortunately, we lost and for all those of you who were watching, I am fine! A little rolled ankle never killed anyone. (Thanks to our athletic trainer I will be back in action tomorrow night against Russia.) After the match we talked about the match and how we did, good and bad, and then loaded the bus once again. On the way back, it took us about 10 minutes to re-enter the village because of all the security measures that they take. It is kinda crazy if you ask me, but I know we all appreciate what they do to keep all the athletes safe (even if it does mean walking around, using a mirror to check if anything or anyone is hiding under the bus.)

Don’t forget to tune in for tomorrow’s game vs. Russia!

Gina Madonia #2