World University Games Blog: Day 12

Dakota Kaufman

Editor's Note: This is the 10th entry in the World University Games Team Blog for K-State Volleyball. The Wildcats are representing Team USA at the Games in Kazan, Russia. Photos, Blogs and Videos will be posted throughout the trip from the team. Today's blog entry is written by Dakota Kaufman

July 15 – Dakota Kaufman

Well guys, it was our last day here in Russia! What a great experience it has been thus far. It's been a crazy 10 days so far, but I wouldn't trade this for the world. My teammates are the ones that have made this an experience of a lifetime! It has been very special for me because of the fact both sets of ancestors are from Russia and lived somewhere along the Vulga River, which in fact is where we are staying by. Today, we actually got to go to the Kremlin and walk around. The Kremlin is actually a wall that surrounds the Mosques and cathedrals. We went into two of the Mosques and inside of the Kremlin walls. When you first walk in, all of the women have to have something to cover their heads and the men cannot have hats on while inside the Mosque. The inside was unreal. It wasn't like any church I have ever seen before. The inside was full of paintings all the way to the ceiling and even on the ceiling, each picture representing something (even though we couldn't read it). There are so many customs and rules I couldn't tell you half of them, but it was so cool to be a part of something so ancient and beautiful.

Next, we went down to Bauman Street, which is where all the shopping is located, which was perfect for our team. I of course wanted to get stuff for my entire family because both sides are Russian so it was awesome to be able to see what each person may like and want. It was also very cool to be able see the Russian culture and dress aside from the University Games. We had a great time shopping the day away.

Also, at 8:30 tonight we are saying goodbye to Lola and Mayya our helpers that have been coordinating everything for us! It was so great to meet them and hear about their lives here in Russia. They have been such a pleasure to have around and get to know.

It was such a special experience and something I will never forget. Even though I have enjoyed this experience and love learning a little something about my background, I'm ready to go home to my family in the States. I cannot WAIT to get back. We're coming home, America!

See you soon,
Dakota Kaufman